My Hero Academia: Shigaraki and All For One Merger Update

My Hero Academia has updated fans on the progress of the ultimate fusion of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki with the all-new chapter in the series! The final act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series is now gearing up for its next major conflict, and it looks like the stage has been set for an all-out war that will be even bigger than the Paranormal Liberation Front war that brought it down. preceded. But luckily, Izuku Midoriya and the Young Heroes have a brief respite before this all begins, as All For One’s plans have been delayed.

The fight against Star and Stripe may have ended with the death of the American professional hero, but it also cost All For One and Shigaraki a big chunk. The last time the heroes were informed of the progress of their merger since the Paranormal Liberation Front war, it was almost over. But a new update in the final chapter reveals that the progress of this merger has not only slowed down, but stopped to such an extent that the bad guys are possibly the most vulnerable they’ve ever been.

Chapter 335 confirms that the final order given by Star and Stripe to his New Order quirk did indeed undermine All For One and Shigaraki, as he rebelled against many of the quirks in Shigaraki’s body, noting that a “number of oddities” were destroyed from within. A look at Shigaraki’s current state also reveals that his body is in great pain following the fight against the American pro, but at the same time, All For One notes that their minds have fused to such an extent that he can feel the Shigaraki’s rage burned in him.

The defeat of New Order and the damage to their respective quirks means All For One must return to the drawing board and implement one of the other back-up plans he has devised. This includes activating the long-held UA Academy traitor, but the question now is how far their merger has been blocked. Fans have yet to see whether or not this merger will be blocked enough to create enough opening for a plan of attack.