My Hero Academia: Shigaraki’s New Form Hides This Terrible Secret

This article will contain spoilers

This article will contain spoilers for the next chapter of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia).), the manga that has come out in the last few hours on the MangaPlus by Sheisha service. The most important thing about this chapter has been the way in which Tomura Shigaraki has finally released all his power with his new form, which he will use against Deku, his sworn enemy.

Since inheriting the power of All For One, Shigaraki has been mostly free from the disturbing severed hands that once held his body tightly when he first appeared in the franchise, sporting a much different look as he attempts to destroy the Hero Society until the end. land. The last chapter, not only introduces Shigaraki’s haunting new form, but also details how the heir to All For One conceals the meaning of this terrible transformation.:

“Tomura Shigaraki’s body groped for its optimal form. That optimal form seemed to be a swollen mass of fingers, forever seeking destruction. A form that overwhelmed the world around it and kept everyone within arm’s reach, but the heroes surpassed that form. Thanks to his quirk, he was unable to heal the accumulated damage in his body. That, in addition to the stress and panic that afflicted his mind, ate away his essence and his body became a new ideal form for this particular moment.”

ShadzMangaOnly summarizes the meaning of this transformation in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) as follows: “Even from deep inside, he instinctively feels more protected when those hands surround him. AFO has destroyed this child from the inside. Hoping Shigaraki can finally break free from this ‘cocoon’ for real once AFO gets here…” So that the hands that cover his body represent the little protection that his “family” wants to give him”.

Shigaraki’s new form isn’t just terrifying because it encircles his body with giant fingers, but the fingers on his left hand have transformed into the heads of his deceased loved ones, showing that past events still influence his decisions. today. The idea of ​​redemption for Shigaraki is something that has been going around in Midoriya’s head for quite some time and it’s clear from Shigaraki’s state of mind. Shigaraki, it will take a lot to put him on a new path if possible. That said, Deku may be able to break through the emotional and physical barrier that Tomura has adopted.

Shigaraki will use this final form against Deku in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

Chapter 366 of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia). After a short delay, Shonen Jump magazine released its new issue of the week and met Shigaraki at UA The heroes on campus have been in trouble for a while now due to Shigaraki’s power surges and the hit of life or death of Bakugo. This has left fans on edge waiting for Izuku’s return which he has finally been able to face his sworn enemy.

This moment is impressive and climactic for the story, even more so considering that our main antagonist, Tomura Shigaraki, has adopted his most fearsome form so far. All this time his body had been “groping” for its most optimal form to possess the power of All For One. The hands that extended from his body were supposed to be his ideal body, as they kept heroes at bay while they destroyed everything in their path, but Erasure’s quirk had stalled this form as Shigaraki’s body couldn’t heal all the damage he had been taking. As a result, the hands went inward, but that was not the scariest change..