My Hero Academia: Shoto Todoroki will warm your heart in this cosplay body paint | Spaghetti Code

The franchise of My Hero Academia has gained popularity in recent years and is that the story tells us about the lives of young students who seek to become heroes and protectors of humanity, at the same time that we discover the skills and gifts that each one has, among them the most beloved have been Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki.

Shoto Todoroki has a Quirk that is Half Cold, Half Hot, which allows him to manipulate fire and ice., all this due to the genetic inheritance of his parents, which has made him one of the most skilled and powerful students of the UA Academy and this cosplay style of body paint You’ll love it.

Shoto Todoroki with his fire and ice power

Through Instagram the cosplayer Yaiza Pérez shared a female interpretation of Shoto Todoroki, who will demonstrate part of her Don, while it will captivate you with its beauty, while it could freeze or warm your heart.

As seen below, the cosplayer I pay attention to the details that the character has, such as wearing the sports uniform of the U.A., while looking like he just got out of a battle after the Academy Sports Festival. Fans will remember that it was when he faced Deku.

Likewise, it shows his right side in which he can control ice, while his left side will show the power of fire like his father, Endeavor. It is certain that this version of Shoto Todoroki is determined to become a hero just like his father or to become much better than him. what did you think of this cosplay de Shoto Todoroki?


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