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This weekend a new episode of the Season 4 of My Hero Academia. From what we saw in the preview of the previous one, the professional heroes have gathered to discuss a key problem for all: the threat they represent Overhaul and their plans.

For a long time his group of Yakuza has plotted against society from the shadows, waiting for the moment to attack.

Centipeder makes his debut in the My Hero Academia anime

sir nighteye, one of the key characters in this season, is the one who organized this meeting with the other heroes. A born strategist who prefers to plan everything before acting impulsively.

Some characters appeared at the meeting that had not been seen before, or were only shown very briefly. Especially through the different trailers that were used to promote the anime before its release.

However, the case of Centipeder it’s a little different. His design for Season 4 of My Hero Academia was first shown separately, alongside those of Ryūkyū Y Lock Rock.

He is someone with an otherwise bizarre experience. Most of her body is normal, and she is clad in an elegant tuxedo. It is the style of a gentleman, but that is not what attracts the most attention.

My Hero Academia: The hero Centipeder appears in Season 4

An unusual hero due to his strange design

Where its head should be is that of a colossal centipede, and the neck is part of the body of this arthropod. That’s part of the weird Quirk what’s wrong with it, Centipedewhich causes the transformation of his limbs.

The inspiration behind this character created by Kohei Horikoshi: the King Mukade. It is a creature that inhabits the Japanese archipelago, although it is found in other places.

Although in other anime it has been taken up as something associated with villains, in the case of My Hero Academia is an ability associated with a hero.

Surely we will see much more of this and other characters in the Season 4 of the anime, which will continue to air for the rest of this year and beyond. We will see that other characters with their peculiar abilities will appear in this work from the studio bones.