My Hero Academia shows off its cool Eri redesign for Halloween

Eri gets a stunning new horror-themed look.

the anime of My Hero Academia could be living one of its best moments and it is that the last times are being very intense for the main characters. They have not forgotten the time of terror since the anime has taken its time to celebrate the terrifying holidays of Halloween with a new look for Eri.

Eri Gets a Stunning New Horror-Themed Look

The sixth season of the series has started with a lot of force since the fans are served with a very good dose of action and epicity. After spending a season building strength on both sides of the conflict to come, now is the time to wage the great war. It’s been an appropriately scary time for each of the heroes, but luckily there’s still time for fun.

The anime has shown both heroes and villains preparing for what’s to come, but one character who thankfully hasn’t been near the center of the action is Eri. Until now it has seemed to hide from all the action that unfolds in the sixth season, but the team behind the anime has decided to bring it back into the spotlight on the occasion of Halloween.

The sixth season of My Hero Academia has faced the Paranormal Liberation Front from the original manga series by Kohei Horikoshi, and that means there has been a lot of bloodshed on both the hero and villain sides of the conflict. Things will only get more intense as the episodes progress, as the fight between the two has really only just begun. Because the last season just premiered It is possible that it is one of the best of the anime since there are still many things to tell that the most regulars of the series will like.

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