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the sleeve of My Hero Academia is in its last arc, but it still remains full of surprises, the last issue showed us a deformed and dejected Shigaraki – like never seen before.

Class 1-A fights against an empowered Shigaraki who, enhanced his current qurik, and is capable of decomposing anything around him, he even has super abilities.

The fighters of Class 1-A from My Hero Academiatogether with the professional heroes -including: Endeavor, Mirko and Hawks-, fight fervently against the forces of All For One. Nevertheless, Shigaraki has a new transformation that is not the best, as it is more disconcerting than impressive.

My Hero Academia shows Shigarakis most depressing form EarthGamer
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Shigaraki inherited the power of All For One and has changed a lot since his introduction in the manga, when he looked very different—to today—as he tried to reduce Hero Society to ashes.

the new presentation

Currently, the most recent episode of My Hero Academia introduces Shigaraki’s strange new form while also pointing out how it came to this:

“Tomura Shigaraki’s body was groping for its optimal form. That optimum form seemed to be a mass full of fingers, always seeking destruction. A form that overwhelmed the world around it and kept everyone within arm’s reach, but the heroes defeated that form.”

The new presentation is too strange and it seems that its “perfection” has been patiently forged from the beginning.

“Thanks to having that form removed, he was unable to heal the accumulated damage on his body. That, coupled with the stress and panic that afflicted her mind, ate away at the very essence of him and her body became something new, a form ideal for this particular moment.”

Shigaraki’s image looks like something out of a horror story, it has giant fingers that wrap around it. Also, on his left hand he has the heads of his loved ones who have already died — instead of the fingertips. The latter exposes the vulnerability of the villain, who is still weighed down by the past.

the author of My Hero Academia he was looking for Shigaraki’s redemption, however, with this new form and in the mental state he is in, it seems difficult that he can lead him to the path of good.

Ever since he found himself under the orders of One For All, Shigaraki has joined a destructive path from which it seems to be impossible to extricate him. However, there is always the possibility that Izuku manages to reach Tomura’s heartstrings.

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When does the sixth season of My Hero Academia come out?

It will be released on October 1, 2022, in Mexico we can see it subtitled on Crunchyroll.

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