My Hero Academia shows us Midnight’s rookie years in a new illustration

Those who have read the manga My Hero Academia or seen the anime sure you have noticed midnight. She is one of the teachers at the UA Academyand at the same time, a professional heroine.

But before being a student, she was a student like everyone else. Those times do not appear in the main series but it is necessary to go further back. That’s in the spinoff or derivative known as My Hero Academia: Vigilanteswhich ended not long ago.

This work is a prequel to the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi and is drawn by Betten Court. This illustrator from time to time shares designs and sketches through his account at Twitter.

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This time he decided to make one based on this heroine and teacher. Only she decided to show it in a different way. All because she is not wearing her traditional outfit. She keeps her long black hair but has a pair of glasses on.

My Hero Academia shows us Midnight's rookie years in a new illustration
Font: bones.

It’s like I was dressed as a civilian. He wears a sweater as well as a jacket and gloves without spikes. He still wears high boots; it gives the impression that it is an ideal outfit for winter.

It’s a different way of seeing midnight of My Hero Academia. What is not clear is if this appearance corresponds to the past or simply when this heroine wants to have a good time, especially during the winter season.

When will the My Hero Academia anime return with Midnight and company?

midnight will return to battle in the anime My Hero Academia with the sixth season, which will have its premiere on October 1 of this year. Again bones he will be in charge of the animation, so we expect him to do his best.

This stage of the series narrates the strongest battle between the heroes and villains of the series. The latter, who now number in the thousands, are led by Tomura Shigaraki who seeks to destroy everything.

My Hero Academia shows us Midnight's rookie years in a new illustration
Font: bones.

Many hope that bones dedicate the best members of your team to this new season and all because of the intensity of the action. The most recent advance gave a small sample of that.

Those who have read the manga Kohei Horikoshi sure you know what to expect from the new episodes. But those who only watch the anime will surely be surprised. It’s only a few months to wait for the battle to begin.

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