My Hero Academia: sixth season brings problems for Midnight

After the arrival of the sixth season of My Hero Academiathe action has not been long in coming, that is why the series of anime has amplified the Paranormal Liberation War to a great extent, and that is, ever since the heroes’ assault began, with Shigaraki waking up with a good chunk of All For One’s Quirk now at his disposal, crime fighters are now playing defense.

So while Shigaraki and the new “Near High-End Nomu” keep many heroes’ hands busy, Midnight and several young heroes in Class 1-A are dealing with a very big problem in the form of Gigantomachia rampage.

So that midnightwho has been a valuable teacher to Class 1-A throughout their short careers at UA Academy, helping them master their Quirks while giving the students critical information on how they can fight off the wave of evil that threatens Hero. Society, but unfortunately, during this latest showdown between good and evil, Midnight finds herself on the receiving end of an attack from the young members of the League of Villains, who are riding the backs of the greatest threat, Gigantomachia.

And as this rampaging giant desperately tries to reunite with Shigaraki, whom he now calls master, Midnight’s plan to put him to sleep using his Quirk has hit a serious bump, as the villains begin to flock to the UA master. he’s taken some nasty wounds.

So, as the evildoers close in on Midnight, she calls on Creati and her classmates from Class 1-A and Class 1-B to give their all to defeat Gigantomachia, and since, in the AU universe, the use of anesthetics seems to be illegal when it comes to throwing them at the villains apparently, but Midnight confirms that Creati will need to create some capsules so the UA students have a chance to slow down the villains’ biggest rampage.

So far this final season has seen the villainous Twice demise, along with a number of main heroes like Crust and X-Less turned to dust thanks to Shigaraki’s awakening, so it’s quite likely that these casualties are just the beginning and things are not looking too good for Midnight after the events of this last episode.