My Hero Academia Stages Student Expulsion

My Hero Academia The anime adaptation is slated to arrive this fall, aiming to adapt the war arc story that sees the young heroes of UA Academy battling against the titanic forces of the Paranormal Liberation Front. As the anime series prepares to dive into the show’s biggest battle yet, the manga has moved past this arc and is currently exploring the aftermath as the series nears its finale. As the heroes prepare to take down the League of Villains once and for all, a member of Class 1-A is in danger of being expelled.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of My Hero Academia manga chapter 340 you might want to stay away as we will be diving into spoiler territory.

As the glittering hero Aoyama is revealed to be the traitor, working under the influence of All For One in hopes of saving his parents’ lives, it should come as no surprise that he is considering being kicked out of school. UA Academy. With Aoyama now a key part of the heroes’ plan to wipe out the League, Eraserhead takes the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the traitor, while making it clear that he’s not going to “water down” what he has. to say:

“You may be granted clemency, but your sins will be with you forever. Aoyama, after this war is over, you may not have a home in UA. These friends of yours like to water things down, but I’ll tell you straight. . Maybe we’re no different from All For One. This is certainly the case with respect to how we intend to use you. That said, I will not allow you to run away haunted by these sins and die a pathetic, silent death. Not while I’m a hero class teacher and you’re my student.”

While Aizawa is clearly giving Aoyama a second chance, while emphatically stating that he has “no intention of kicking him out”, it’s clear that this flashy hero’s future is still up in the air and he has a long way to go to find redemption.

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