My Hero Academia surprises us with a new winter poster

The popular anime of My Hero Academia has introduced us to the students of the franchise inside some of the biggest battles, even what they can handle both in the pages of the manga and on the small screen.

With Class 1-A taking some major hits while fighting villains under the leadership of All For One, Deku and company could certainly use a break. Thankfully, the holiday season is helping to envision many of UA Academy’s elites donning their winter best to help them weather the cold while villains remain a monumental threat to Hero Society.

Since the fifth season had more than a few references to Class 1-A trying to avoid the cold, with the first occurring during the Joint Exercise Training Arc, in which several of the students sported slightly altered outfits during their fight against their rivals in Class 1-B. Later that same season, Class 1-A celebrated the Christmas season with almost all of the young students donning sports outfits that made them look like Santa Claus.

Of course, now that the recent events taking place in the Paranormal Liberation War and the Final Arc, the student crime fighters have a lot more to worry about than buying their loved ones for the season.

Studio Bones and the Shonen franchise released this new promo art featuring Deku, Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, Uravity, Momo, and Iida all working to clear the snow instead of fighting the hordes of villains led by All For One and Shigaraki:

The final arc of My Hero Academia promises to bring the story of UA Academy to an end, with Kohei Horikoshi stating in the past that he will be leaving the shonen franchise and that he could test his skills in a horror story once his time is up with this ends the manga, the end is near.