My Hero Academia: The 10 Healthiest Characters, Ranked

My Hero Academia, a complex anime with a cast that reaches hundreds of characters, is a show that pits heroes and villains in a constant struggle between good and evil. The lines are always blurry, and the characters are not completely black or white.

Villains are not always evil, and some heroes have a dark past or have committed their own crimes. But there are certain characters who are a little healthier than others, which clarifies the landscape of hero society and provides hope for the future.

10 Naomasa Tsukauchi has a lie detector quirk that fits her character perfectly

Good friend of All Might, Naomasa Tsukauchi is one of the few individuals who has been entrusted with the secret of One for All. His Quirk suits him perfectly, as he is a hard-working detective who believes in the rule of law. He has major issues with the vigilantes, but still, he is grateful to Crawler for helping protect the Tokyo Sky Egg when it is attacked at Captain Celebrity’s farewell party. He may not be a professional hero, but he doesn’t have to be. Your contribution to society is already significant.

9 Ochako Uraraka’s fighting spirit is only matched by the sweetness of her smilemy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 1

Class 1-A’s “gravity girl” has a personality that fits her Quirk. Ochako Uraraka always tries to smile and never gives up even though the situation is dire. Her reasons for becoming a hero – the desire to earn money so her parents can take it easy – have been criticized as too materialistic, but it’s actually a very human and genuine sentiment. There is nothing more true and pure than the need to give everything to protect your loved ones.

8 Tsuyu Asui’s endearing frankness makes her a fan favorite of the castmy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 2

Since season one, Tsuyu has stood out for her outspokenness, a refreshing character trait in a world full of secrets. Her preference for calling herself “Tsu-chan” encourages closeness to others, removing barriers of stiffness and distant politeness.

He is against the operation to save Katsuki from the League of Villains, as it would require the use of his Quirks, something that would be against the law in the universe. MHA. She later apologizes for the harshness of her words and she and her friends put their differences aside.

7 Eijirou Kirishima is so nice that not even Katsuki Bakugou can refuse himmy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 3

The eternally smiling Eijirou Kirishima is a ray of sunshine among the students of class 1-A. He is very dedicated to the image of his hero, Crimson Riot, and is always inspired to be “manly.” His heroic spirit is as strong and firm as his optimism and sympathy. It is even capable of breaking the shell surrounding the thorny Katsuki Bakugou. That is already a great achievement.

6 Nana Shimura does everything she can to protect her family and successor against the villain All For Onemy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 4

All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura, manages to be one of the most likeable figures in the series, despite being dead for a long time. Support young Toshinori by making him his successor and offering him One for All. When her husband dies, she is forced to hand over her own son Kotaro, hoping that will keep him safe from One for All.

His choice goes awry, as Kotaro grows up hating heroes and mistreating his son Tenko. Still, she is the embodiment of heroic sacrifice. He makes it even clearer when he gives his life fighting All for One, giving Toshinori time to escape.

5 Mirio Togata’s strength lies in more than just his raritymy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 5

Sir Nighteye may be a bit presumptuous when he tells All Might to give Mirio Togata One for All, but he’s not entirely wrong. Mirio’s kindness and determination make her fit perfectly with the Quirk of the Symbol of Peace. As the hero Lemillion, he fights to save Eri, and always encourages her, even when he himself is suffering. Despite losing his Quirk, he does not give up and continues to support Eri during her recovery. He is a true hero in every sense of the word.

4 Eri experiences a childhood of horrors but finally begins to overcome itmy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 6

It’s hard to think of a more beautiful and traumatized character than little Eri. After her Quirk Rewind wipes her father out of existence, her mother rejects her and her grandfather takes her in. This leads her to fall into the clutches of Overhaul, who uses her to craft his Quirks erase drug.

Still, Eri has a kind heart and has retained a strength that rivals the power of her Quirk. After she and Izuku defeat Overhaul, she is able to start over and learns to smile again. Eraserhead even teaches her the meaning of various parties, and she has been welcomed into UA as part of the makeshift Class 1-A family.

3 Toshinori Yagi is more than just the All-Might heromy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 7

The Peace Symbol may have its flaws and made its fair share of mistakes, but no one can question its heroism. Similarly, no one can ignore the truly genuine and caring heart behind the sometimes false facade of the ever-smiling All Might. Toshinori wanted to create a symbol for everyone else to feel safe, so that he could carry the burden of lasting peace. Things don’t end exactly the way he expected, and he sacrifices a lot to achieve his goal. Still, his influence and strength have sustained the stability of the hero society.

2 Inko Midoriya goes out of her way to support her sonmy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 8

Inko isn’t always supportive of Izuku’s dreams, but it’s not easy being the mother of a child without Quirk. That goes without saying. The absence of Inko’s husband, Hisashi, suggests that he may have left at some point in their marriage, abandoning her to raise Izuku on her own.

It is unclear how Inko never realized that Izuku was being bullied, but one thing that is obvious is that Inko loves his son very much. He later feels guilty for having doubted him and not giving him adequate support, and shows his concern for UA’s ability to take care of Izuku. In the end, she continues to support Izuku’s dream, and is proud of him during the UA Sports Festival.

1 Izuku Midoriya battles a traumatic childhood to become a heromy hero academia los 10 personajes mas sanos clasificados 9

Despite being criticized for being a Quirkless, Izuku is the strongest and most admirable character in the series. Even when society fails him, he doesn’t give up on becoming a hero. Accept the challenge to be All Might’s successor, assuming his burden with courage and determination few would ever show. Considering the abuse he had to experience, he could have easily become a villain, but he didn’t.

It is true that he can be a bit reckless and does not always follow the rules. He breaks his bones too often for the liking of his friends. But like All Might, Izuku is not perfect. That makes it more humane.