My Hero Academia: The 10 Scariest Moments, Ranked

In a series like My Hero AcademiaIn which there will always be heroes who fight and repel villains and other forces of evil, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of suspense and tension, to adequately sell the threat posed by the antagonists.

However, instead of generic superheroes empowering themselves to beat the bad guys, this is not always the case, as there is often a real sense of fear that something could go wrong and the good guys might lose outright. Although most of these moments in My Hero Academia focus on Tomura Shigaraki and Kai Chisaki, or Overhaul, as their general demeanor and personality are generally creepy and unhinged, the moments when they interact or threaten the safety of our heroes are arguably the most terrifying and despicable.

10 Stain’s Quirk Reveal Made His Fight Against The Students Even More Sinister

The Hero Assassin Mancha was one of the most interesting villain characters in My Hero Academia., especially outside the main circle of the League of Villains. Although he had already been introduced when he faced Tenya Iida, the subsequent confrontation was what really showed him and why he was so feared.

The moment in which he mocked his Bloodcurdle Quirk and then explained himself was not only shocking, but also in keeping with his terrifying demeanor.

9 The Sludge Villain That Gobbles Izuku Was A Gruesome Visionmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 1

The villain who sparked Izuku Midoriya and All Might’s friendship and tutelage was the villain Sludge, who appeared in the first two episodes of the anime. He started out viciously attacking poor Izuku, defenseless and without Quirk, and subsequently taking over his body in a truly terrifying sequence, instantly setting the tone for the series’ villains.

Although he would later take control of Bakugo in a similar way, the horrible and sinister way he burst onto the scene and attacked Izuku was terrifying and shocking. It was the first of many such moments that occurred throughout My Hero Academia.

8 Aizawa and Thirteen suffer huge defeats to the League of Villains was a powerful introduction to the hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 2

Episode 11 ofMy Hero Academiasees the battle against the League of Villains nearing its climax, with the evil organization having already made its dramatic entrance. The episode contains truly terrifying moments, from Aizawa, the Eraser Heard, being shot down and crushed by Tomura Shigaraki and the enhanced Nomu, to Kurogiri being smarter and appears to kill Thirteen.

Shigaraki even seems willing to use his Decay Quirk on a defenseless Asui, only for Eraser Head to erase it at the last second, saving his life. Although the initial reveal of Shigaraki, with his rather terrifying design and demeanor, was already scary in and of itself, the League of Villains’ first cruel acts and their attacks on students and teachers actually increased the intensity of the show.

7 Gigantomachia’s debut featured a creepy new villainmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 3

In “Smoldering Flames” the consequences of the arc of Shie Hassaikai and the transition to the following adventures are seen, the main revelation being that of Gigantomachia. When Gran Torino and Detective Tsukauchi finally catch up with and arrest Kurogiri of the League of Villains, the Warp Gate user reveals that All For One has another valuable project besides Tomura Shigaraki, the colossal Gigantomachia.

The revelation of Gigantomachia not only shakes the ground, but makes everyone present tremble, due to the great power and menacing aura of the beast. The Gigantomachia, which seems to be taken from “Attack the titans“It seems to be a game changer in the battle between heroes and villains.

6 Muscular’s killing intent made him a formidable opponent for Deku to defeatmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 4

In the episode “My Hero” the assault of the League of Villains to the Training Ground of the Forest begins, and the heroes and students are separated into smaller groups in the face of danger. Not only is Aizawa ambushed and appears to be knocked out, but Kota, the boy Izuku had tried to bond with, finds himself alone and cornered by one of the villains.

This villain, Goto Imasuji, who also calls himself Muscular, is not only willing to attack a child, but also reveals himself as the one who murdered Kota’s parents long ago. With an already tense situation, the fact that Deku arrives to fight him one on one only to have his villain powers properly revealed in all their glory makes the exchange terrifying and intense.

5 Deku and Lemillion’s encounter with Eri and Overhaul was the most tensemy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 5

Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata come face to face with Kai Chisaki, the intimidating yakuza leader of the Shie Hassaikai, and witness his intriguing and disturbing relationship with a girl named Eri. The encounter was a terrifying moment, as viewers already knew him, even though Midoriya and Togata only learned of him from Nighteye.

The fact that Eri subtly grabbed Deku’s arm and asked him to help her resulted in an emotional and morally conflicting scenario, in which the two heroes knew they had to do something, but had to refrain from doing it in the end, due to Overhaul’s apparent killing intent.

4 Stain’s insane state after his supposed defeat was hauntingly shockingmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 6

In “Climax,” even after the Hero Killer Spot was stopped by Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Shoto Todoroki, he found a way to break free and deliver one of the most sinister moments in all of anime.

His demeanor shifted slightly to a zombie and insane state, muttering that he would only let All Might kill him, while also giving off an aura that caused everyone else to freeze, even those from Gran Torino and Endeavor. With the terrifying backdrop of a blood-red moon and his maddened approach to heroes, it all came to a halt as he succumbed to his injuries and passed out while still standing.

3 Tomura Shigaraki ambushing and threatening Izuku while shopping was an intense momentmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 7

In “Encounter” at the end of the second season, Tomura Shigaraki, the immediate leader of the League of Villains, shamelessly confronts Izuku Midoriya in the middle of a shopping mall to have a nice “chat”, while everyone else, Without knowing it, they go on with their days.

At first, posing as a fanatic, Shigaraki quickly puts his hand around Midoriya’s neck to encourage him not to do anything reckless. Towards the end of this threatening discussion, Ochaco Uraraka bumps into them, quickly realizing that something is wrong, causing Shigaraki to leave. The whole situation, from the spooky music to the spooky animation, really increased the tension and made this one of the scariest moments that didn’t involve an all-out fight.

2 The introduction of Moonfish in action was one of the anime’s most disturbing debutsmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 8

In an anime about heroes, it’s natural for countless villains to come forward to fight. Although they are often presented in an evil and sinister way, there are very few presentations as sinister and terrifying as Moonfish, during the Forest Training Ground arc.

Moonfish appears hunched over the severed hand of AU Class 1-A member Mezo Shoji, immediately displaying his bloodlust with his terrifying moans and general demeanor. This makes his Razortooth Quirk immediately become a formidable and terrifying obstacle that students must overcome.

1 The arrival of All For One destroyed Best Jeanist and turned the tide of the Kamino incidentmy hero academia los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 9

The fact that All For One was finally revealed in the third season of My HeroAcademia was as shocking as the turning point in the Kamino incident, when all seemed to be going well for the heroes.

The suspenseful music as it arrived on the scene and brutally decimated Best Jeanist, all while Izuku and the others who had come to rescue Bakugo watched in horror. Coinciding with the escape of other villains the likes of All Might at the same time, this turned things against the heroes in a horrifying turn of events.