‘My Hero Academia’: The American version of live action of the anime is a reality and hires its director

The film will be an American adaptation of the famous Japanese manga franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi.

My Hero Academia It is one of the most famous manga in recent years. The success of his anime confirms it with the broadcast of five seasons and several films. But what is a success without its American adaptation in its live action version?

Legendary will handle this movie that already has a director. According to Deadline, the chosen one has been the Japanese Shinsuke Sato, the same one who is behind the cameras of films such as Bleach, Death Note: The New World, I Am Hero O inuyashiki.

The same company that is behind Detective Pikachu has hired Alex García and Jay Ashenfelter as producers for this ambitious project with the help of Ryosuke Yoritomi, the same one behind the manga. Few more details are known about this project, neither the premiere nor the story that it will deal with.

The manga, which was first published in 2014, focuses on superhero fan Izuku Midoriya, who daydreams of becoming a hero where 80% of the Earth’s population manifests a superpower. However, this one is born without any.

Although at first he was not going to enroll, after meeting All Might he decides to join the UA superhero academy where he encounters constant challenges that force him to risk everything to prove his worth.

A resounding success around the world

My Hero Academia It was adapted as an anime in 2016 and since then its fame has risen like foam, broadcasting today its fifth season and three films to date: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in 2018, Heroes Rising in 2019 and My Hero Academia: World Heroes ‘Mission which was announced in Japan recently.

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But will this American adaptation succeed? Throughout history, there has always been an attempt to recreate the success of an anime through a live action adaptation. As is the case with Dragon Ball, Ataque a los Titanes, Death Note, Assasination Classroom O Rurouni Kenshin. We leave the reader to decide whether or not these adaptations are good.