My Hero Academia: The author was going to reveal the traitor years ago in the manga

The plot around My Hero Academia has given an interesting revelation related to the famous “traitor” about which hundreds of rumors were made and whose existence was later confirmed.

Currently readers of sleeve we already know who it is, but in an unexpected turn of events this reveal was to happen years earlier during one of the early arcs of the series. The following is a comment by author Kohei Horikoshi extracted from the extra material of volume 34 of my hero academia manga.

::::’s reveal as the traitor was originally scheduled for the School Trip Arc (training with the Wild Wild Pussycats team), which spans the ninth and tenth volumes. That was a big change, right?

Kept him quiet for years | Photo: Bines

There is something special about the School Trip arc since Horikoshi himself has mentioned before that it was the point with more ups and downs in its history, so we can get an idea of ​​why he decided to save this resource until years later… a risky decision that ended well for his story.

Fortunately, the story reached enough popularity to remain current and thus present one of the most impressive moments of boku no hero. The current final battle between heroes and villains stars in the most recent arc of the manga and with it the author of my hero academia leads to the end of the series.

What did you think of this statement about the traitor of my hero academia? no doubt the story would have undergone a drastic change in its narrative had it been revealed earlier.


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