My Hero Academia: The best cosplay of Lady Nagant, the most lethal sniper in the manga

My Hero Academia is going through a somewhat dark phase right now, since the fans of fiction are not too happy about the rate of publication that the manga is having and, also, the giant leaps that the series is hitting to stick as closely as possible to that story on paper from which it was born. However, the movie My Hero Academy: Misin world of hroes it is in movie theaters and can be enjoyed as a standalone product.

In any case, now an artist has wanted to make a most impressive cosplay, in fact from here it is the best we have seen of said character, wearing the clothes of Lady Nagant, the most brutal sniper in the world. My Hero Academia who went from being a memorable heroine to a villain because of the amount of murders she had to carry out. A character that for now we have not been able to see in the series with its bloody nature, but that we hope it lands as such with force in the sixth season.

The person responsible for this work of art is none other than See Barrett, and post his cosplay via Twitter:

Heading for the great battle

My Hero Academia, as those of you who are up to date with fiction (whether it is anime or with the manga pages read) will be preparing to face his biggest battle to date, putting very prominent characters at risk and keeping the tension on the rise (remember the wake-up call that was given to the protagonists in episode 334).

It remains to be seen if Lady Nagant, with his dark past because of the officials he had with the Public Security Commission, dazzles the fans. Not Caitlyn herself from League of Legends (with their guides in Arcane, the Netflix series) could cope with it.