My Hero Academia: The legendary MMA fighter who inspired the character of Mirko

My Hero Academia“It has started its sixth season with great force, and one of the characters that was given the most relevance from the beginning was Mirko, who led a brutal assault on a Nomus base and army that… ultimately took its toll on many. But, Why the name and defined combat style of this superheroine? Well, the truth is that it is possible to find her pair in the real world.

Mirko is one of the faces of My Hero Academia that has shone the most in season 6

Indeed, Mirko is inspired by an MMA and kickboxing legend in general, and so I tell you (via fandom):

  • Mirko’s name is already directly extracted from the fighter in which Kouhei Horikoshi was inspired to create the character: Mirko Filipovic, better known as Mirko Cro Cop. ❗
  • This has decades of experience in the field of professional wrestling, and stands out above all a stint in MMA that lasted a total of 18 years. ✔️
  • How else does this fighter affect Mirko in My Hero Academia? Indeed, he is also a vivid reflection of the fighting style of the professional wrestler. ✔️
The cane he gave at the beginning of season 6
  • If we have seen something with the spotlight placed on Mirko, it is that his power shines especially boosting kicks with legs that look like All Might’s arms. And it is precisely that the technique that gave Mirko Cro Cop the most success is precisely a high kick that knocked out his enemies. ❗
  • Secondly, At the design level, Horikoshi-sensei explained that Mirko is simply a combination of various elements that he likes on a personal level.. I mean, in that particular aspect the MMA fighter had no impact. ❌

Will Mirko give time to shine again in the remainder of season 6? Well, the truth is, unless Recovery Girl starts kissing left and right, he looks pretty bad after the beating that ended up falling on him. Although of course, considering that this season is going to have 25 anime episodes, it should not be ruled out that it could have a round 2.

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