My Hero Academia: The main heroes, ranked by their value

My Hero Academia takes place decades in the future, in a strange time when supernatural Quirks have become the norm. Almost everyone has a superpower, and it’s up to caped superheroes to keep the peace in the streets and make sure the Quirks don’t tear society apart. Professional heroes should never hesitate to act for the common good.

Professional heroes are expected to be many things: charismatic, dependable, powerful, and most of all, brave in the face of extreme danger, even the League of Villains or All For One himself. Fortunately, the main heroes of My Hero Academia They are brave fighters, and they can be classified according to how recklessly brave they can be.

10 Tsuyu Asui is not so easily scared

Class 1-A frog girl Tsuyu Asui / Froppy is popular and highly respected due to her mature older sister personality and practical mindset. Tsuyu is very reliable and quite smart in a fight, and even has the initiative to hunt down villains like Innsmouth and keep them busy until Selkie or other heroes can finish the job.

Tsuyu isn’t recklessly brave like some characters, but he doesn’t have to be. Tsuyu is a confident but prudent hero who knows her limits, allowing her to survive any mission. More classmates could be like her.

9 Shota Aizawa / Plover Head can take on enemies much stronger than himselfmy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 1

Shota Aizawa, also known as Eraserhead, is the class 1-A teacher, and his stern and no-nonsense demeanor is necessary to keep the rowdy students in this class at bay. While on duty, Eraserhead is a calm and intelligent hero who is patient enough to carefully follow local villains and criminals before making a move. He is not the type to rush.

In that sense, Eraserhead is a bit like Batman, and he’s also willing to take on enemies much stronger than him without hesitation. His secret weapon is his erasure Quirk, which nullifies any villain’s Quirk to equalize the odds.

8 Shoto Todoroki will accept any serious challengemy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 2

Shoto Todoroki is a very talented student, and is among the strongest students in Class 1-A. He was born into a Quirk marriage with one goal: to surpass both Endeavor and All Might as the new No. 1 Hero and to prove that All Might is not so superior after all.

Shoto has every reason to jump confidently and fearlessly into combat, given his extraordinary natural talent and keen mind. Sometimes Shoto gets into trouble, but at least he has great will in battle, and seeing a powerful enemy only prompts him to fight even more. It does not run away.

7 Ochaco Uraraka se enfrentó a Katsuki Bakugomy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 3

Ochaco Uraraka, aka Uravity, is Izuku’s number one friend and admirer. She was reasonably confident in her abilities from the start, but seeing Izuku in action inspired her to try that much harder to become a true professional hero. Ochaco doesn’t dare back down while his idol Deku is watching.

Ochaco faced the mighty Katsuki Bakugo at the United States sports festival and showed great courage, courage and creativity in that match. He might lose, but Ochaco showed great mental strength in that fight, and he would do it again without hesitation.

6 Falcons rub shoulders with the enemymy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 4

The winged superhero Hawks is quite powerful and confident, and with a talent like his, it’s only natural for him to be brave and fearless in battle. More recently, Hawks was accepted into the Meta Liberation Army as a double agent, which means he is surrounded by hundreds of villains.

It takes courage for any professional hero, even Hawks, to step into the enemy’s lair like this. Also, it must be mentally draining for the Hawks to maintain his cover and keep the villains convinced that he’s on their side, but so far, Hawks is getting it on.

5 Endeavor is fearless in battlemy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 5

The new number 1 hero, the fierce Endeavor, is known for many things, from his bad attitude to his fiery beard, to his tyrannical breeding methods, not to mention his old rivalry with All Might himself. Endeavor is slowly making up for all of that and fixing ties with his family.

Meanwhile, however, no one can doubt that Endeavor is a courageous and tenacious fighter whose heart burns with justice. Endeavor will gladly take on any villain without hesitation, trusting that his intense Hellflame Quirk and strength will allow him to overcome the fight. Nothing can put out those flames.

4 Katsuki Bakugo loves a good challengemy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 6

Izuku’s childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo is known for his hotheaded and stubborn character, making his attitude a double-edged sword. On the downside, he alienates almost everyone around him and has terrible charisma as a hero, and sometimes he gets into trouble. But your attitude can also be an asset.

Bakugo’s fierce pride and ambition make him reckless and fearless in battle, and even if Bakugo gets carried away, he will at least put his mighty Quirk to good use and blow up all the villains. It is a cannon that, if pointed in the right direction, can do a lot of good.

3 Mirio Togata risked his life for Erimy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 7

One of UA’s “big three” students is the outgoing Mirio Togata, who, in Tamaki Amajiki’s eyes, is radiant like the sun itself. Mirio has trained a lot to master his strange Quirk of Permeation and hone his martial arts skills, and the end result is truly remarkable. He’s already more powerful than most professional heroes.

Mirio casually faced most of Class 1-A alone in a practice battle, and later, he fearlessly faced the villain Overhaul to rescue young Eri. Mirio even lost her Quirk, but kept fighting until it was Izuku’s turn to finish the job.

2 All Might is afraid of almost no onemy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 8

The invincible symbol of peace, All Might, inspires hope in the masses and strikes fear in the hearts of most villains and criminals. His reputation is enough to keep society safe, and in almost any combat, All Might has no reason to fear his enemies and his Quirks. Victory is practically guaranteed, always.

All Might fears only one enemy: his nemesis, the former collector of Quirks All For One. Fortunately, All Might already defeated him once, and when All For One returned, All Might gave everything to take down his arch enemy and protect the city. peace. Now his time is up, and it’s time for Deku to carry the torch.

1 Izuku Midoriya prioritizes dutymy hero academia los principales heroes clasificados por su valor 9

The shonen protagonist himself, Izuku Midoriya, is an incredibly brave and fearless fighter for all the right reasons. More than not being afraid, Izuku fights in spite of him, and has an unwavering commitment to his duty as a hero and future Symbol of Peace. He will never back down, not even at the cost of his life.

In fact, it was Izuku’s valiant rescue attempt in Episode 1 that prompted All Might to train Izuku as his successor, and since then, Izuku has bravely faced enemies ranging from Shoto Todoroki to Muscular to Overhaul. . Soon he must also face All For One, and that is a fight he will never shy away from. Izuku’s motto might as well be “You say run. I say fight.”