My Hero Academia: The manga will have another break before the end of the story | Spaghetti Code

Kohei Horikoshi’s most popular work of the moment, My Hero Academia announced that it will have a pause in the history of the manga, so the next chapter will not come out in the 47th edition from Weekly Shonen Jump, but everything will return to normal in the next issue.

According to the official account of the magazine, reported that the author of My Hero Academia a short break will be taken, so we would have the new chapter back on October 31, which is ideal for the Halloween and Day of the Dead parties.

It’s not the first time that Kohei has taken a break from history, since you have previously done it for health reasons or simply take a vacation, in order to deliver his work in the best possible way for all fans of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia tells us the way that Izuku Midoriya must perform to become a hero, since having no skills, he will inherit one of the most powerful in the series. However, his fate is marked by having to face Tomura Shigaraki, from the League of Villains.

The manga is currently in its final arc, but the long-awaited finale will have to wait a bit longer, as the author’s pauses will allow the final fight between Blanket and Shigaraki, be the most anticipated of this year.

Also, as we have seen in previous chapters, it is not a 1 on 1 battle, but friends and people close to Deku will play an important role during this fight.


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