My Hero Academia: The Mission of the World’s Heroes raises the stakes

MyHero Academia has finished its fifth season, but until the series returns, My Hero Academia: Mission of the Heroes of the Mundo is sure to satisfy fans of Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugo – though it’s best seen after season 5 ends. Led by Flect Turn, Humarise – a radical terrorist group that believes in the Quirks Doomsday Theory – plans to decimate the Quirks user population so that its chosen ones – the non-Quirks users and a select group of those who have Quirks- can become the inheritors of the Earth. In response, Japan sends some of its best heroes, its agencies, and its interns around the world to find the bombs and stop Humarise. Soon, Deku and new character Rody Soul are indicted and must flee while trying to save the day.

The scale of this threat is unlike anything UA students have encountered before. This is a global threat, and the opening scene is truly horrifying, quickly establishing Flect Turn as one of the deadliest and most dangerous villains aspiring heroes have encountered thus far. The stakes remain high as audiences learn more about his plan, and when the climactic final battle arrives, it will be hard not to hold your breath as Bakugo, Deku and Todoroki face off against their enemies.

These fight scenes are truly brutal, and show why these three are up there with some of the professional heroes already in the works. Bakugo especially stands out, demonstrating why he is one of the strongest and smartest students in Class 1-A. The photography during these fights also elevates the action to another level thanks to the fluidity of the camera work, giving the public the opportunity to see these fights from many angles without an excessive amount of cuts. The action goes very well, and it is best to see it with a group of fans of the MHA. The energy of these fights is contagious, and you will likely find yourself cheering on these young heroes.

Also, it should come as no surprise that the animation of World Heroes’ Mission lives up to what fans of the series have become accustomed to. While the world of MHA It often feels bright and funny thanks to the art, this does not take away the brutality and horror of the situation, especially when one sees someone as kind as Deku in pain or terrified. That said, some of the 3D animations – although minimally used – don’t seem necessary, especially when compared to the fluidity of 2D animations.

Combined with voice acting, animation touches our hearts. Justin Briner brings to the film his usual passion and optimism, basic Deku traits. This, juxtaposed with some of the heavier and more violent parts of World Heroes’ Mission, highlights that being a hero is not always fun, but a great hero will always continue to fight for what is right, giving it his all.

Ryan Colt Levy (Rody) also makes an outstanding performance. This is your introduction to the world of la MHA, and he will easily win over longtime fans as a criminal with a charming personality, a tragic story, and a bigger heart than he would like people to know. He’s not a hero, he has no reason to have faith in heroes, and he has other issues to worry about, but that means his journey with Deku and his growth is even more impressive. Through Rody, World Mission of Heroes Capture one of the best themes of MHA and the genre of superheroes in general: anyone can be a hero, even if they are not a superhero.

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The biggest stumbling block of The Mission of the World’s Heroes is that the threat requires everyone to get down to business, but the focus remains on Deku, Todoroki and Bakugo. Although the other students and professionals have moments of action, this is not a movie about Class 1-A. This is Deku and Rody’s story first, and Todoroki and Bakugo enter the main plot later. Perhaps it would have been too much for a film of less than two hours to explore in depth how the other heroes and students around the world face the threat of the Mission of the World’s Heroes. However, one of the strengths of MHA is to give almost every character, no matter how small, a standout moment and arc, which is why one can’t help but notice how this movie primarily revolves around the aforementioned students and Rody.

Mission of the Heroes of the Mundo is an exciting journey with a lot of heart, and it works well as a movie rather than an arc in the ongoing anime. It really captures some of the best elements of MHA, and indicates that our favorite aspiring heroes are entering more dangerous territory as they attempt to become the next generation of professionals.