My Hero Academia: the original design of the heroine Momo Yaoyorozu revealed

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series today. Here we meet a world filled with superheroes and superheroes with unique abilities.

One of the most memorable heroines is Momo Yaoyorozu, who can turn her fat into any object. So, now that we see her original design, we can understand why she is so loved by her fans.

As we can see, Momo had a slightly different heroine costume than what we saw in her final version. She wore a different type of pants and a belt where she kept her weapons.

On the other hand, Momo Yaoyorozu’s costume at UA Academy is very similar to the one we’ve encountered in My Hero Academia before.

What do you think of this preview of My Hero Academia’s beloved super heroine? Would you have liked to see this costume instead of the official version?

The final l’arc of My Hero Academy

Since these original drawings, Kohei Horikoshi’s current manga has progressed so much that it is now in its final stages. Each number draws closer to the final fight between Deku and Shigaraki.

While it won’t be a classic 1v1 fight, as we’ve seen in the previous chapters, their friends and loved ones will also play a part in this final fight.

Until now, Deku had decided to go and face All For One alone, so that no one else suffered collateral damage yet. However, the recent battles he has waged against mercenaries and hordes of villains have left him on the verge of death.

Fortunately, in the previous chapters of My Hero Academia, we saw how his friends came to his aid.

The final l'arc of My Hero Academy

The final arc of My Hero Academia is therefore preparing its grand finale in which we will see the Plus Ultra Shigaraki, what will happen after this ending? Maybe we’ll see a sequel with Eri and Kota, as the next generation of heroes and heroines.

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