My Hero Academia: The Reason Why Midoriya And Bakugo Use Affectionate Nicknames

In My Hero Academia, Midoriya and Bakugo have always referred to each other by very specific nicknames, and the reasons for this are not by chance.

Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo have known each other since childhood, so it’s understandable that they have particular nicknames for each other, by virtue of the trust they feel, whether they admit it or not. Also, both friends use them unconsciously during MHA and they allow it, showing that they feel comfortable with it or, at least, satisfied.

Bakugo’s nickname

As to bakugothis is called Kacchan, which comes from a contraction between his given name, KatsukiY the suffix -chanwhich is used in the Japanese language to designate lost infants, girls considered attractive, and close friends.

While Midoriya uses it by virtue of his friendshipthe beginning of which dates back to his childhood, Bakugo can perceive it as a disguised insultwhile they do not seem to share the same ideals regarding the fellowship it means. anyway as always Deku had irritated himhas never cared how she refers to him.

Midoriya Bakugo Kacchan Deku My hero academia friends since childhood

Midoriya’s nickname

Regarding Midoriya, he is called Deku by Bakugo, and it is not such a friendly term. This, in the Japanese language, can be taken from a alternative reading from Izuku’s name (出久) or can be used to refer to him as a wooden figure or puppet (木偶), used to allude to those who cannot achieve or have achieved nothing.

This shows that Bakugo has always called him Deku to sink him, mostly due to the fact that Midoriya had no Don until All Might granted him the One For All.

It is curious that it ended up being his superhero name, thanks to Uraraka Ochako (Uravity) showed him that Deku sounds similar to the verb meaning “can do» (できる dekiru).

Midoriya Bakugo Kacchan Deku My hero academia friendship