My Hero Academia: The shock of revealing a traitor! (explanations)

My Hero Academia created a real shock by revealing the real traitor in the last chapter of the series! As the final act of Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga series continues to draw closer to the end of the series, fans are finally getting the answers to some of the oldest questions they’ve always had. The previous chapter in the series went further with the reveal of the traitor hiding within the walls of UA Academy. But fans were not yet convinced, and it was revealed that this caution was warranted.

Major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 336 will follow, of course! The previous chapter of the series saw All For One prepare for the next stage of his plans by hinting that he was going to activate the traitor within the UA Academy, and the last page of this chapter had Toru involved. Hagakure as the traitor as many fans had guessed. But the final chapter in the series takes those last few pages and uses them for a sudden twist that reveals who is the real traitor, Yuga Aoyama.

Chapter 336 of the series brings us back to Toru Hagakure, who tries to find Aoyama. She worries about him because he is openly upset by recent events. She worries about him. She finds Aoyama talking with her parents in the middle of the woods as they urge her to follow All For One’s orders lest the villain kill them all. Both desperately reveal that Aoyama has been providing information to the bad guys all this time, and Hagakure is shocked to hear.

She then rushes to fetch Izuku Midoriya, and once he arrives, Aoyama confirms that he was indeed the one who passed information on to the bad guys. Izuku also worried about Aoyama because of his mood swings lately, but in tears, Aoyama once again declares that he was the traitor from the start. This major twist in Hagakure’s use was a deliberate play on many fans’ traitor theories, and now it looks like the real traitor has finally been revealed, as it’s hard to imagine there being a second twist. .