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  • My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a role-playing and exploration game with thousands of fans, some from the homonymous manga/anime, and others who have been added over time
  • Given the growth of players, it is key to review many basic aspects of this title, so that anyone who joins the proposal now knows how to move at the beginning

The action RPG and open world My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is one of the favorites of gamers. Originally released for the Japanese market, in recent months it was released for the whole world, and that allows us to try to become heroes. Sure, at the beginning some tips and recommendations are necessary to play well in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Heroone of the fashionable titles these days.

The video game, based on the popular series of manga/anime Hero Academy, to which it owes a good part of its fame, managed in the previous weeks to attract not only lovers of the original production, but also many of those who value this kind of entertainment proposals, especially among fans of Asian culture.

It is important to clarify, if you have never played it before, that original series content remains a priority. Likewise, we have many additional elements, which add interesting modes and features. Thanks to these extras it is very difficult to get bored, although can be obstacles when trying to move forward.

Having made this introduction, we considered it necessary to make an article in which we address certain suggestions that, we believe, are essential for you to take your hand right away, and not give up too soon.

Basic Tips for My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

First of all, you should know that the heroes of the saga are divided into three categories: Strength, Technique and Speed. As players, we must start by using some hero of each type in 3 vs 3 battles. To get a hero of each categorywe just have to follow the instructions that the game itself offers us.

free stamina

There are three fixed times for players to receive free stamina: 12:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00, and 20:00-22:00. So make sure to log in the game in time to collect energy for the character. Eventually, you can get more free energy by completing different events.

Also, keep in mind that you can claim the stamina of your friends up to five times, but that’s not all because you can also add as many friends as possible, obtaining a lot of additional energy.

Perform daily tasks

Logging in and performing daily tasks is also critical in these circumstances, and you should always make time for in-game events, which are time-limited. You can see them in today’s News section.

Complete story missions, side quests, and daily objectives to gather materials. Thanks to them, you will be able to level up both your characters and cities, and you will have the possibility of finding attractive rewards, hero coins and access to other functions.

play My Hero Academia 2

Players must participate in cooperative super battles five times a day for receive coins of hero and battle cards, so you can’t neglect this aspect of the title either. Particularly in these fights, keep a safe distance from ranged damage heroes, such as Denki Kaminari.

If you come across any sufficiently skilled opponents, fight them several times a day, up to five in total. After the attempts are finished, you will be able to buy more hero coins, and you will receive money when leveling up.

Don’t forget the workouts

Lastly, every hero in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has to go through a training process. During it, You must carry out a series of combined movements which will then be required by the items.


In short, play My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero opens the doors to a lot of fun. But to really enjoy it, you will have to take your time until you master it in depth.

We hope that these tips and recommendations have been helpful to you. help to progress faster.