My Hero Academia: The third film will hit theaters in Chile in January

“My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission”, the third film in the superhero and villain franchise created by Kōhei Horikoshi, It already has a date for its arrival in Chilean cinemas.

The streaming platform Funimation, from Sony, had announced last August that he was going to be in charge of distributing the new film installment of the heroes and villains franchise in Latin American cinemas.

Now, made it known that the film will premiere in Chille on January 6, as well as in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. That is the same date that it will have in Mexico.

Will be added Colombia and Venezuela with a debut scheduled for January 13 in their rooms.

Both Spanish subtitles and Spanish-American dubbing will be available., which you can listen to in the following preview, which reveals that the film will be titled “My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes “.

The news of the debut in Latin American cinemas divided fans. While some celebrated the possibility of seeing it in the halls of their countries, others they reacted with annoyance and demanded Respect the dubbing of the previous films and not the one delivered by the platform to anime.

The third movie, transformed into the most successful franchise in Japan, presents an original story supervised by the creator of the manga, where Heroes, both seasoned and young, must unite in a race against time to save the world. The enemy will be the mysterious organization “Humarize no Villain”, led by “Flect Turn”, whose goal is to exterminate all those who possess Gifts.

Previous film installments in the franchise were “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” in 2018, which you can revive today in Amazon Prime Video, Y “My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising”, of 2019, whose premiere in theaters in Chile was suspended in the wake of the pandemic.

Kenji Nagasaki, director of the two previous films and who has also done that work in anime, heads this project. An episode within the fifth season connected with the events of the last film installment.

The Serie will return with a sixth season that will adapt the arc of the “War of Paranormal Liberation”, where we will witness the expected confrontation between “Deku” and “Tomura”, the “One For All” against the “All For One”.

Funimation, meanwhile, the Latin American premiere of “Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night”, the film made by A-1 Pictures which adapts the spin-off of “SAO”, the light novel series “Progressive”.