My Hero Academia: The true origin of Izuku and how he was going to be like Batman at the beginning

During the past 2021 they appeared a series of Izuku’s designsthe protagonist of “My Hero Academia“, which showed us how was the character originally going to be. However, these only showed a small part of what happened in the shadows. What do I mean? Well, in fact there is much more to dig in terms of the history of how Kouhei Horikoshi ended up creating Izuku as we see and know him today.

Deku was not even going to be called as we know him at the beginning of My Hero Academia

Before moving on to the really important meat, I leave you again those original designs of Deku so that you have it in mind:

And now that we have the reference images, write down the following (via fandom):

  • To begin with, the original name of the protagonist of My Hero Academia was not Izuku Midoriya, but mikumo akatani. ❌
  • Physically it can be seen that above all he had much longer hair than Izuku, but where there was a huge difference was that Mikumo was NOT going to have any power. ❗
  • Indeed, all the arrows and little guides that we see around the design are because it was going to be a hero focused on the use of all sorts of different gadgets. Come on, what amounts to a Batman in a society threatened by supervillains. Of course, unlike the guardian of the night, Mikumo’s suit was going to have an orange tone. ❗
  • However, as time went by, Kouhei Horikoshi felt increasingly dissatisfied with Mikumo’s designespecially her hairstyle. It is from that point forward that the figure of Izuku Midoriya began to gain strength. ❌
  • As to how he ended up having the superpower of One For All instead of using tools to carry out his tasks as a hero, the truth is that this was Horikoshi-sensei editors suggestion. Basically, they thought that with a superpower of their own it would make it easier for Izuku not to be blurred among all the real superheroes in the manga. ✔️

The truth is, there are people who don’t agree with this, but I would have liked to see that version of Izuku more like Batman in which he must deal with great dangers without having any superpower. Obviously Batman does not get to face supervillains with powers of the caliber that we see in the universe of “My Hero Academia”, but in the same way, gadgets could have been created up to the challenge. In any case, it seems that Horikoshi-sensei is much more satisfied now, which is the important thing in the end.

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