My Hero Academia: the war could end all the heroes of the anime

The sixth season of animehas allowed us to see the beginning of all the great damage that the Paranormal Liberation War brings to Hero City, for now it is that we have seen the heroes take on their greatest challenges, as Shigaraki and his army fight against the ambush of crime fighters in the last episodes of My Hero Academia.

Now, with the biggest challenge most of Class 1-A faced in this latest installment taking the form of Gigantomachia, the antagonist who was taller than a mountain and rushed towards his master, the current wielder of all for oneShigaraki, crashed against his limits and two major villains have suffered as a result.

It is possible that shigaraki may not be able to access the full power of All For One thanks to Eraserhead’s Quirk, but the decaying young villain still has a body that gives him strength and speed on the same level as All Might, while Deku and Bakugo joined Endeavor to fight against the head of the Paranormal Liberation War, Shigaraki refused to stay down and broke through his limits as he reminisced about the pain and struggle he went through in his early years as a member of the Hero Society.

Unfortunately, Gran Torino was the recipient of Shigaraki’s wrath and it looks like the little hero won’t be a part of the battle going forward, as Deku’s mentor could fall victim thanks to a brutal punch from the villain.

This war could end them all, as Shigaraki was not done when he criticized Gran Torino, as he revealed that he was still holding on to one of the “Quirk-erasing bullets” he had stolen from Overhaul during the events of season four, leaping towards Aizawa as he wanted to once again access the full power of All For One.

While the dragon hero Ryukyu was able to hold off Shigaraki, the young villain punched his way through the hero’s hand and launched the bullet at Eraserhead, hitting him in the leg, so if Eraserhead loses his Quirk, the heroes will be at a huge disadvantage, as they will be fighting a Shigaraki who can access his full power, and with the current wielder of All For One proving that he can use his decaying power to wipe out everything.