My Hero Academia: These Are The 100 Most Popular Manga/Anime Characters, And The Top 3 Won’t Surprise You

My Hero Academia“It has such a number of characters that it gives you plenty to do MANY popularity polls, and that is precisely what they have left us today: the results of the franchise’s eighth popularity poll according to fans in Japan. Obviously, with so much character there is room for some results that may surprise more than one, but in general I think that pretty much follows the line of what one can expect just watching the anime.

My Hero Academia reviews its most popular characters for the eighth time, and these are the results

So, then I leave you with the results of the eighth popularity poll of “My Hero Academia”, which gives the 100 most popular characters in the work of Kouhei Horikoshi (thanks to @rukasuMHA for collecting and sharing the results):

  1. Bakugou
  2. midoriya
  3. shouto
  4. Endeavor
  5. lida
  6. Kaminari
  7. Aizawa
  8. hawks
  9. kirishima
  10. uraraka
  11. dabi
  12. shigaraki
  13. mirio
  14. Sero
  15. rody
  16. tamaki
  17. Present Mic
  18. shinsou
  19. jirou
  20. All Might
  21. Toga
  22. monoma
  23. momo
  24. Nejire
  25. Mirko
  26. tokoyami
  27. shindo
  28. Bakugou drooling (from a sketch)
  29. tsuyu
  30. Best Jeanist
  31. mustard
  32. nemoto
  33. Mine
  34. Overhaul
  35. nighteye
  36. Twice
  37. shōji
  38. shishikura
  39. all for one
  40. ojiro
  41. aoyama
  42. Fat Gum
  43. Hagakure
  44. Tokage
  45. hatsume
  46. mineta
  47. Nagant
  48. Edgeshot
  49. press
  50. Bakudog and Magne
  51. horikoshi
  52. stars
  53. eri
  54. In
  55. Flect Turn
  56. Yoichi and Shirakumo
  57. Gang Orca and Yui
  58. Gentle
  59. Tokuda
  60. mere
  61. stain
  62. Setsuno
  63. Dark Deku
  64. inasa
  65. carmine
  66. wash and kendo
  67. Tetsutetsu, Nezu, Mon
  68. Shotocat, Second User, Koichi, Bakugou’s eyebrows, Fuyumi, Maijima, Midnight, La Brava
  69. Kuroiro, Tsukauchi, Mandalay
  70. Giant Lady, Komori, Spinner, Mt Lady
  71. Chrono, Koda, Sato, Natsuo, Manual, Inko, Hisashi, Melissa
  72. Gran Torino, Ibara, Shoda
  73. kidou

You will realize that the numbering only reaches up to 73, but that is because, as you can see, there are many characters that share the same position given the number of votes (in the end, if one counts there are 100 characters on the list, so all good). And assessing the results, I have to say that I am surprised between 0 and -1 that Bakugou, Deku and Todoroki occupy the first three positions on the list. In the end, you only need to have a minimal idea about “My Hero Academia” to know that these 3 are and will be the kings of Horikoshi-sensei’s work.