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Not all characters of My Hero Academia They have been created by sensei Kohei Horikoshi, as there are a couple in both anime and manga that owe their birth rather to the creativity of the fans. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but This is what happened with two of Musutafu’s professional heroes, and so that you have no doubts, we will tell you who they are continuation.

And no one had noticed anything

Characters that were not created by Kohei Horikoshibut for the fans, are the professional heroes Bubble and Centipede, also known as Kaoruko Awata and Juzo Moashi respectively. These characters were created especially for the Pixiv Contest of the year 2017, whose prize was precisely to include the creations of the winning fans in the mangaka’s work.

Bubble and Centipede are characters that came out of a fanart contest | Image: Bones

In this way, Illustrator Chiita Abara brought Bubble to life, and artist Tetsuya Oohara did the same with Centipede. Both characters were carried over almost unchanged in the manga from Boku no Hero between chapters 124 and 135 of the series, that is, they arrived with the outfits and skills assigned to them by their first creators, although of course, this does not mean that there was no editing.

In this sense, the most notable case was that of Bubble, who was initially presented as a 16-year-old teenager and student of the Academia U. A. However, when designing her, Chiita Abara assigned her a rather suggestive outfit, and in order not to sacrifice it, Horikoshi decided to make her a professional heroine and increase her age to 21 years.

The truth is that they are not very important characters, because to date they have fulfilled a rather secondary role in the series. And it is that they have acted only as servants of Mirai Sasaki at least until Sir Nighteye was assassinated at the hands of Kai Chisaki’s henchmen, although we cannot deny that It is still great to be able to see your creation next to those made by someone like Kohei Horikoshi.

The original designs of the characters | Image: Danbooru

Due to the incredible design of these characters based on the superhero imaginary of My Hero Academia the vast majority of fans have never realized that these two heroes are not the creations of Kohei Horikoshi. Point in favor for the artists who won the Pixiv Contest of the year 2017, who with some luck will also be able to build a career as mangakas within the industry.

And you, did you already know that Bubble and Centipede are not original Kohei Horikoshi characters?


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