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the anime of My Hero Academia It stands out for several things, but a very important one is the profile of each of its villains. Right now, the work of Kōhei Horikoshi is broadcasting the adaptation of its sixth season. The last chapter presented the villain Himiko Toga in a spectacular way and caused fans to choose her as the most valuable villain of hers.

At the end of the tenth episode titled “The One With Us” of My Hero Academia, the official Twitter account requested votes to choose the character that had the most impact on them. This dynamic was carried out through the hashtag #ヒロア MVP (#HeroAcaMVP).

The result of this vote crowned Himiko Toga as the most valuable villain of My Hero Academia.

However, the first places were occupied by the villain and a couple of heroines:

  • Himiko Toga
  • Nana Shimura—the seventh holder of One For All—
  • Uravity — or Ochako Uraraka a student from Class 1-A of UA High School —

For being the first place Himiko Toga got a clip with her featured scene.

Who is Himiko Toga?

She is a daughter of the Toga family, and Since she was little, she has murderous instincts: she enjoys drinking blood. and considers it pretty. When she was very young, she killed a bird, but when she showed it to her parents, they reproached her for it and she had to keep a friendly profile.

After the death of Twice, the presentation of the villain Himiko Toga has taken on more interesting inks, which is why she was voted the most impressive character in the last episode of My Hero Academia.
Source: Studio Bones

However, one day she attacks a partner she was attracted to, After that tragic event, Himiko Toga started living as a delinquent. and subsequently joined the League of Villains.

His Quirk is called transformation., thanks to which he adopts the physical appearance of another individual – he is even capable of copying his voice. The condition is that she can only transform into people from whom she has ingested blood—and the more she drinks, the longer she is able to take her form.

She is the second villain to rank first in the classic vote. The first one was taken by Twice —from episode three—.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia?

It is available on Crunchyroll, dubbed and subtitled. It currently has 123 episodes, but is still on the air.

You can a round for discord and don’t miss the news on Google News.