My Hero Academia: They filter Dabi’s horrible final appearance

Even though Dabi is a secondary villain in My Hero Academia, that doesn’t mean he can transform and increase his power a lot.

The sleeve from Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academiacould not be more interesting, since since Dhabi joined next to Tomura Shigaraki in the League of Villains, all of us fans are baffled by his plans. Now we can see its final form and it is really impressive.

It must be remembered that the gift of Dhabi is that it can launch blue flames that burn at 1300 ° C, being able to melt wood, rock, cement and almost iron. But the big drawback is that you can get burned if you use them for a long time. That is why he usually launches bursts or balls, although he can create a wall of fire to defend himself. One way to kill your enemies is that it consumes all the oxygen and can suffocate them. All this makes him one of the most powerful villains in My Hero Academiathat’s why he is also one of the 9 lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Will he get his revenge?

We know that the goal of Dhabi is to finish off his father Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) and his own family. But he also doesn’t mind risking his physical and mental well-being to achieve everything he sets out to do. That is why in its final form we see it completely burned.

In the 350th episode of My Hero Academia, we find out that Dabi almost died from the flames of Endeavor and that his body suffered a lot because of that the organs are so destroyed that he was not expected to live that long. That’s one of the reasons why his way of acting and his fighting is so reckless.

Now he is surely willing to immolate himself in order to end the entire Todoroki family. We will have to check how everything ends, but it is clear that My Hero Academia It will offer us many surprises. While you can see the anime in Netflix Y Amazon-Prime.