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Between the characters of My Hero Academia those who have given life to sensei Kohei Horikoshi, Himiko Toga is without a doubt one of our favorites. Being an antagonist in this work this may seem a bit strange, but the truth is that her incredible design, her magnetic personality and her abilities as a superhuman have made us opt for her. For that reason we loved this body paint, because he has offered us one of the best visions of the beautiful villain of Boku no Hero.

The most feared villain in Musutafu!

An excellent interpretation | Image: Armonie Pierson (YouTube)

Seeing the work the beautiful Armonie Pierson has done playing our favorite villain from My Hero Academia, We cannot but praise her detailed characterization of Himiko Toga.

In this way we can observe that the cosplayer has shaped the villain outfit of this mighty warrior using black, red, white and yellow body paintIn addition to makeup that has served to outline the murderous eyes of the beautiful member of the League of Villains.

A sadistic beauty | Image: Armonie Pierson (YouTube)

In the following image from Armonie Pierson’s set we can see the lethal Himiko Toga again, but now offering us a certainly different profile: performing one of the iconic poses of the villain, realizing the madness that inhabits this sadistic war. In this sense, we can only conclude the following: what a way to adapt the Draws of My Hero Academia!

Boku no Hero’s ultimate waifu? | Image: Bones

Himiko Toga he is one of the most interesting and strong villains that he has presented to us Kohei Horikoshi. With good reason, fans of the series dedicate themselves to cosplaying her, and in this sense, the work of Armonie Pierson could not go unnoticed.

And you, what do you think of this body paint de Himiko Toga?


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