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Between the characters of My Hero Academia, Tsuyu Asui is known to be a rather laid-back and innocent hero student. In the entire Universe created by Kohei Horikoshi there is not a being that has a smile like her, and that the series has some of the most beautiful waifus that we have seen parade in some anime or manga. It is for that reason that We loved this cosplay, because it has portrayed the warrior in a frog costume in a very faithful way in this beautiful interpretation.

Jump like a frog!

The same look | Image: Kinpatsu (DeviantArt)

The first thing that catches our attention in this cosplay is the impressive characterization that Kinpatsu has made of Froppy, and that is that, despite the fact that we see her wearing a simple spandex costume, the artist has been able to portray that amphibian personality with just the right make-up and accessories.

In this way we see the cosplayer wearing two goggles to dive into the waters, in addition to the gloves and accessories that the Class 1-A heroine is equipped with to fight against her enemies: this is how they become real picture Draws of My Hero Academia!

How much innocence in his bearing | Image: Kinpatsu (DeviantArt)

In the following image from Kimpatsu’s set we can see another profile of the artist’s work, which allows us to understand why so many fans consider Froppy, despite his strange behavior, as one of the most attractive heroines that the series has given us.

In any case, the only thing we could ask ourselves is the following: is the hair of this cosplay green because the wig is that color, or rather because the artist spent many weeks submerged in a pool?

Yes, she is also a waifu | Image: Bones

She may not be remembered as one of the most powerful heroines, but we cannot deny that this character has been in My Hero Academia season 5 one of the funniest. And thanks to this cosplay, it has also become one of the most beautiful waifus of the entire series.

And you, what is your opinion of this cosplay from My Hero Academia?


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