My Hero Academia: this is the explanation to Mirko’s Quirk

Find out everything about Mirko in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime that is considered by many to be one of the great Japanese products todaythereby giving rise to even being considered the heir to Naruto and Dragon Ball among some sectors, as well as one of the maximum exponents of these means.

And all this is done through a plot and some characters that manage to dazzle your audience, whether they are viewers or readers, who do not miss the premiere of any new chapter of either the manga and/or the anime. And before this it must be said that there is a character that we have to talk about, being so Mirko is the one who gets all our attention on this page.

Mirko’s powers revealed

My Hero Academia: this is the explanation to Mirko's Quirk

A look at Mirko’s abilities and powers in My Hero Academia

To put in context, it must be said that this character is really called Rumi Usagiyamabeing better known as Rabbit Hero Mirko, which appeared out of nowhere at the start of season 6leading with this to the protagonism of this character being absolute, since we have even been able to see that episode 2 of the aforementioned season was completely dedicated to her, also being a heroine who is characterized by go free not being linked to any hero agency.

And not for nothing, you have to discredit the character, since Mirko has been shown to possess an amazing Quirk.which allows him to have a great performance on the battlefield, especially in the current development of season 6 of My Hero Academia where he displays fast and effective movements mainly using his legs, since they have such muscular power that they would even be able to behead an enemy using only the thighs with precise movements, this technique being known as Luna Scissors.

In fact, in hand-to-hand combat it is where he performs best precisely because of these abilities, even though his legs also give him great agility and speed when it comes to moving and even jumping great distances to reach objectives or even to easily flee from enemy attacks, as well as defeat several enemies at the same time based on somersaults.

Mirko’s abilities are based on the power of his legs during close combat.


Mirko is one of the great heroines of My Hero Academia

Despite this, although we have talked about his legs, it should be noted that this is not the only ability that Mirko has, since their keen survival instincts are highly developed to the point that she has a very animal-like nature, which can make her much more unpredictable in combat and much more savage. In fact, it is quite similar to rabbits in that sense, since is always alert against any possible threat, which takes the form of nearby enemies.

And given this, it must be said that all these skills are being put to the test in My Hero Academia, since it can be seen that during the invasion of the hospital in season 6 of the series, Mirko is fighting a horde of Nomusleading her to be itching for some bloodshed at the expense of these low-tier enemies, thus leading to the implication that she took them all down pretty quickly and easily with barely a flinch.

Mirko’s abilities go beyond physical strength

Mirko My Hero Academia

Mirko is a character from My Hero Academia.

And speaking of more skills, before the flight of Doctor Ujiko, Mirko was able to find him using his ears.being so that he was able to find the exact location, which makes him a potential element in any team to search and capture missions. With all this, it is clear what is the enormous power of Mirko, being so that it seems that your new look It hasn’t diminished his skills at all.

Otherwise, it should be noted that ^My Hero Academia is at a key moment in the development of its history, since it has been shown Deku’s true power. It will be necessary to see the implications that this has in its plot at the same time that characters like Mirko could be affected by the new status that the main protagonist of the anime and manga occupies.