My Hero Academia: This is the incredible cosplay of Froppy

My Hero Academia It is one of the most popular anime of recent times, and that is especially noticeable in the world of cosplay. Cosplayers have wanted to dare even with complex characters like Lady Nagant, but there is also room for the most adorable heroines of the series: it is the case of Shikarakumi, that wanted to characterize himself as Tsuyu Asui / Froppy. The result has been shared on his Instagram account, which you can discover under these lines:

froppy the My Hero Academia he also deserves a cosplay

The outfit of Tsuyu Asui, whose heroine name is Froppy – the heroine of the rainy season -, consists of a green turtleneck suit. Shikarakumi cosplayer has not only been in charge of recreate your costume in great detail, but has also taken care that the wig has exactly the same hairstyle. The makeup and added effects do the rest of the work so that the characterization is perfect.

Shikarakumi’s work has earned thousands of likes, which shows that fans also agree that it has been a success. As we say, My Hero Academia has legions of fans around the world: last November the film hit the billboard in Spain My Hero Academy: Misin world of hroes, after having gone through theaters in Japan and the United States.

Froppy, the heroine of the rainy season, in the world of cosplay

Based on the manga created by Kōhei Horikoshi, the story of My Hero Academia takes us to a world where most of the population was born with superpowers. However the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, does not develop any kind of special ability. Despite this, his dream is to become a hero equal to All-Might, the most powerful of all superheroes.

Right now, anime and manga fans are finding themselves somewhat unhappy with the rapid advance of production: they consider that they should “put the brakes on”, since in only 50 chapters we have witnessed key battles and the death of important characters.

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