My Hero Academia: This is the most hated character in the series and you may not expect it

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My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) has many hateful characters, but it seems that Mineta is the one who takes the prize. To tell the truth, it is that fans of this franchise have many reasons to reject this character who has served as comic reliefbut it opens a debate about what is behind this hatred.

Recently, netizens took to Reddit when a popular poll asking for votes was launched. The quiz asked fans to vote for the most hated character in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), so you know the turnout was amazing. And after more than 2000 votes, the results placed Mineta in first place overwhelmingly.

According to the final figures, Mineta got just over 71% of the votes, becoming the most hated. That means nearly 1,700 of the votes said Mineta was the worst, and honestly? That tracks given the student’s rude jokes and perverted personality. As for the rest of the survey, some interesting picks were compiled. Bakugo came in second with 6.63% of the votes, while All For One came in second with 6.25%. Izuku completed fourth place before Endeavor with sixth place. Of course, Shigaraki not listed hereas you can see, but it falls into the ‘Other’ category, which ranks fifth.

My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) has many characters, and some of them are more notorious than others. Guys like All Might and Izuku continue to stir up buzz with Shigaraki while other fighters have faded into the black. Some of their most popular heroes have risen through the ranks out of goodwill, while fans love to hate others, but Mineta gets the hate of the whole fandom

Clearly, the fans have spoken and netizens weren’t afraid to embarrass Mineta in front of her peers. After all, the character is one of the most controversial in Akira Toriyama’s franchise. For now, the character is just the butt of a joke that has gone on too long. And if they hate you way more than All For One, you’re doing something wrong…

The truth behind the hatred of Mineta in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)

We know that Minoru Mineta is one of the least loved characters in My Hero Academia. In fact, the latest popularity poll leaves him well below the majority of protagonists, it is the 29th place among all the characters. That is to say, he is surpassed by heroes and heroines who are no longer even alive, but what is the reason for this repudiation of his image?

First, it has to be mentioned that Mineta “is a comic relief”, she doesn’t have any of the positive attributes of other comic characters like Eijiro Kirishima or Iida Tenya. It is then that the funny side of her comedy is non-existent: “He harasses women, and then?”. The funniest thing about Mineta is her appearance, she looks like a purple baby with balls for a mohawk and an oversized metallic diaper wrapped around her waist, but once the initial shock of her ridiculous outfit wears off, there’s not much else. fun in it.

mineta my hero academia

Mineta is one of the most hated characters in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) because of the way he treats women.

As we mentioned before, most of his jokes are directed at women and their sexual fantasiesan issue that has been criticized by the art academy, who mention that this type of “jokes” encourages the harassment suffered by women within the anime community, especially cosplayers. Another point is that Mineta’s jokes never change, if at any point they make you laugh, the repetition of her makes you lose the emotion quickly.

This has led to his character becoming irrelevant to the main plot. Removing Mineta from My Hero Academia wouldn’t change the current development of the final arc at all and might even make the show more enjoyable. There are characters that outshine Mineta in every metric of what makes a good character.