My Hero Academia: this is the new power of the villain Spinner


It looks like something out of a Nintendo Entertainment System classic.

My Hero Academia is the work of Kohei Horikoshi who does not skimp on showing his inspirations, either making references to the world of comics and video games as in other pop culture objects. The way Spinner becomes a powerful enemy is simple but effective and it is also a commonly used method. to strengthen weak enemies in video games. Surely, if you played Super Mario Bros. you will have already recognized it.

In My Hero Academia, Spinner as he was didn’t have much going for him initially, all thanks to his looks.. All his Quirk did was make him look like a lizard and help him cling to walls; By comparison, Tsuyu Asui can cling to walls and do all sorts of amazing things. Therefore, beyond the little acceptance that mutants have in this world (as we saw in a certain arc of the work), it seems that he had everything against him.

Now, everything gets worse when we think about the options he had to change his luck. As for equipment, his best option was a katana or a sword made from all sorts of bladed weapons tied together; this was immediately destroyed by Deku. If she really wanted to be a threat worthy of the title of Paranormal Liberation Front Lieutenant, she had two options; either broaden her skill set or become strong enough that her lack of skills wouldn’t matter.

My Hero Academia chapter 353 “Endeavor” revealed that Spinner sought strength over abilities. With some presumed All For One tweaks, he can now grow to an enormous size and even inflate his muscles… like Mario picking up a mushroom. This of course means that he can now carry around a larger version of his multi-bladed sword.. It’s a simple yet effective way to turn an unimpressive foe into a powerful opponent. It’s also very reminiscent of the common video game trope of turning weak enemies into strong ones by increasing their natural size with no further responses.

Spinner was able to take inspiration from video games for his quirk in My Hero Academia

In some games like Super Mario Bros. or others like Megaman, it’s common for a low level enemy to suddenly get bigger and therefore stronger to compensate for how weak they normally are. This is not something new. Doing this increases the difficulty of dealing with the enemy, as his size allows him to gain new abilities. Not only does it take longer to take down a gigantic enemy, but it will often deal more damage than its base form. If the enemies get big enough, they might even be worthy of becoming bosses at the end of the level. All of these features could certainly apply to My Hero Academia’s new and improved Spinner..

In RPGs, a similar method of increasing an enemy’s difficulty can be achieved by raising their levels to inordinate heights, and even taking simple monsters to endow them with new abilities. The higher the level of an enemy, the higher its stats.. This can be difficult for player characters to handle with their relatively low levels and stats. They would probably stand a better chance if they and the enemy were up to the task, but until then, they really have to focus to pull off a victory. In the case of My Hero Academia, the heroes that have to deal with Spinner would be the low level player characters.

my hero academia spinner powers

The biggest enemy might even receive some special abilities that make them even harder to beat. Such abilities would include something like a defensive barrier or an attack that covers a wide radius. If this applies to Spinner, that could mean he has more Quirks in reserves. which will make it even more of a challenge. Not that he really needs the extra help at this point, but it would be an interesting point in these last few fights.

Whatever the case, it is clear that Spinner is no longer as weak as before and will be able to put up a fight against the heroes of My Hero Academia. He went from being a low-level thug to becoming a full-fledged final boss. It will probably take more than one hero to defeat him. Spinner can now cause all kinds of trouble and all it took was making it a bit bigger.

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