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They won’t be as well known as the students in class 1-A, but there is no doubt that some of the heroes in class 1-B deserve to be among the best fighters in the UA Academy. We have made this list, where we have ordered the most formidable vigilantes that can be found among these young men.

10. Kosei Tsuburaba

Rather cheerful and competitive, Tsuburaba is one of the element hero apprentices who has developed his potential as a warrior the most in recent years. With his gift, this character is able to solidify air and use it as a weapon, a great ability if we take into account that this element could hardly be found around it.

An extremely competitive warrior | Image: Bones

9. Nirengeki Shoda

Nirengeki Shoda is a rather shy student, which at first glance could make him seem weak, however, the truth is that this vigilante is a warrior to fear. Your Gift, Twin Impact, allows you to double your attacks with greater power: an ability that has allowed him to emerge victorious from the most bloody battles.

A warrior to consider | Image: Bones

8. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

This energetic and passionate student is one of the most determined heroes when it comes to getting through training. With his Gift, Steel, it can turn its body to steel, making it invulnerable to almost any attack. He might not have beaten Eijiro Kirishima, but boy did he beat up Mustard with his arms of steel.

A tough nut to crack | Image: Bones

7. Reiko Yanagi

Reiko’s Gift allows her to carry and throw objects that have the weight of an average person, an ability that together with her strategic and analytical thinking, has allowed her to face warriors who surpass her in strength. Not for nothing was she one of the heroines who, along with other students of the Academia U. A., was able to beat Gigantomachy. Sure, against the students of the class 1-A she may not be exactly competitive.

A powerful and deadly student | Image: Bones

6. Juzo Honenuki

Juzo hates losing, which is why he has been constantly compared to Katsuki Bakugo. However, when it comes to recognizing the strengths of others, this hero has proven to measure up. With his gift, softness, is capable of converting any solid object into a semi-liquid state, which works great when it comes to setting traps on your enemies.

A student who can change the consistency of his body at will | Image: Bones

5. Sen Kaibara

Sen Kaibara has proven to be quite a powerful warrior by controlling more than efficiently his Gift, which allows him to turn any part of his body into a lethal drill. He has received praise from beings as imposing as Sekijiro Kan, and it is that exhausting a beast like Tenya Iida It is not an easy task.

His agility is unmatched | Image: Bones

4. Ibara Shiozaki

Known as Vine, Ibara Shiozaki She is one of the most religious students at UA Academy, and certainly one of the most powerful as well. Her Gift, Creeper, allows her to create monstrous extensions of greenery with her hair., which can be used both offensively and defensively, which was evident after the brutal victory he had against Denki Kaminari.

A student in communion with nature | Image: Bones

3. Neito Monoma

Neito Monoma is a bore, despite his handsome physical appearance, as he is a selfish and envious person. However, he has outstanding intelligence, and when he uses it in combat, it is very difficult for his adversary to come out well off. His Gift allows him to copy the techniques of his enemies, but at a very small level, not like All For One.

A potential psychopath | Image: Bones

2. Itsuka Kendo

Battle Fist is one of the most powerful students in Class 1-B, and we don’t just mean it for her sake.u Don, which allows you to enlarge your hands to deliver powerful punches: He is also very intelligent, a quality that he has shown in each of his fights.

A beautiful heroine | Image: Bones

1. Setsuna Tokage

Setsuna Tokage is, of all the students in Class 1-B, the most powerful and by far. Cunning, pragmatic and quite thoughtful, Lizardy is able to divide his body and use all his energies into pieces during combat. As if that were not enough, she is a born leader and all her colleagues admire her.

The most powerful student in class 1-B | Image: Bones

As you can see, the students in Class 1-B include not only some of the most powerful vigilantes in UA Academy, but in all of Musutafu. Certainly, many of them have not received the recognition they deserve, and that is why we have made this ranking, to account for these great warriors.

And you, would you add any other student to this list?


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