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Between the characters of My Hero Academia, the superhumans the students of class 1-A of the UA Academy are quite powerful, although the truth is that their power levels differ quite a bit when compared to them. That is why, in order to clear all doubts, we have made this ranking with the ten most formidable protectors of the innocent seen in the Kohei Horikoshi series.

10. Tsuyu Asui

Froppy may not be as strong as many of his peers, but that doesn’t stop him from this cute little frog stands as one of the most powerful female characters in Kohei Horikoshi. Together with other heroines she was able to defeat the fearsome Innsmouth, and together with Ochako Uraraka she has created one of the most devastating moves seen in the series: Meteor Fafrotskies.

An amphibian beauty | Image: Bones

9. Tenya Iida

Some of the fights that Turbo Hero: Ingenium has starred in are already part of the top of the best fights in all My Hero Academia. That is why this character is considered one of the strongest by many fans.

A fairly fast student | Image: Bones

8. Kyoka Jiro

From her appearance, one might think that Kyoka is an ordinary teenager, but the truth is that this student from Class 1-A is quite a rival worthy of fear. with his gift, is able to manipulate sonic waves at will, which has earned him victory against the likes of pro hero and UA Academy instructor Present Mic.

A musical power | Image: Bones

7. Denki Kaminari

Yuga Aoyama is one of the most outstanding students in Class 1-A due to his intelligence and strength., and also one of the closest friends of Izuku Midoriya. Like this character, he was born without a Quirk. Even so, this character took a very different path than Deku’s by betraying his classmates at the UA Academy.

The traitor of the UA Academy | Image: Bones

6. Momo Yaoyorozu

create is one of the most beautiful waifus that exist in the Draws of My Hero Academia: of that we have no doubt. And thanks to his Gift, which allows him to create all kinds of objects, he has been able to fight amazing battles. With Shoto Todoriko managed to beat Eraserhead, and together with his classmates from Class 1-A he was able to defeat Pixie-Bob’s ground monsters.

A total beauty | Image: Bones

5. Ochako Uraraka

Of all the students of the UA Academy Ochako Uraraka is the most powerful, and even has come to surpass the forces of professional heroines like Mirko or Mt. Lady. Thanks to her Quirk, which allows her to manipulate the gravity of objects, this heroine has become a fearsome opponent when fighting in ruinous settings, as she is capable of generating destructive meteor storms. It is the eternal rival of Himiko Toga, whom he has never been able to beat, although he has not lost any battle against him either.

The waifu of My Hero Academia | Image: Bones

4. Eijiro Kirishima

This muscular and outgoing student of the UA Academy is one of the most powerful, as he is quite skilled, has an unusual resistance, and is quite violent. And if that was not enough, his entire body has the hardness of a rock.

A human beast | Image: Bones

3. Shoto Todoroki

with his gift, Shoto Todoroki is capable of creating ice with the left half of his body, and creating fire with the right half. Likewise, with both halves Shoto is capable of lowering or raising the temperature at will, a feature that he can use to his advantage to make his enemies burn, or make them have a very hard time reducing the heat of their opponents’ bodies causing them a hypothermia. A hard bone to crack.

A dual-natured warrior | Image: Bones

2. Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo’s Quirk may pale in comparison to others like All for One, although the truth is that, even though it is a fairly average ability, the impulsive and energetic character of its user powers it beyond its own limits. Not for nothing is this character Izuku Midoriya’s greatest rival.

An explosive power | Image: Bones

1. Izuku Midoriya

When Deku activates One for All we notice that his physical appearance undergoes a transformation, beginning to radiate an electric blue glow from his entire body and slightly increasing his musculature.

Likewise, with this Gift activated its user can display a sixth sense that indicates any type of danger, fly through the air, and generate a kind of energy rope that can be used as a whip, although of course, its most important function is that of super strength. For that and more, Izuku Midoriya deserves the top spot on the list.

A power that inspires | Image: Bones

As you can see, through the ranks of the UA Academy students we find some of the most powerful warriors ever seen in anime or manga: there is no doubt that they will become the heirs of professional heroes by protecting to the weakest.

And you, which Class-A student would you add to this list?


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