My Hero Academia: This is the reason why Bakugo fights Shigaraki


It seems that his feelings and intentions are good…

It is no surprise to anyone that Katsuki Bakugo is one of the characters that has grown the most throughout My Hero Academia. At the beginning of the series, she bullied Midoriya Izuku and her attitude only worsened when they both arrived at the prestigious school for young heroes. Bakugo placed so much importance on his Quirk, believing that his power made him invincible and that he didn’t need others that he ended up alienating his best friend, Midoriya. Having the highest admission score among all freshmen did little to temper her superiority complex.

However, other students in Class 1-A took Bakugo’s troublesome temper in stride. Each of them had signed up for UA with a goal in mind, and it would take a lot more than one person with a bad attitude to intimidate them. For the first time, Bakugo wasn’t being fawned over or given preferential treatment, rather he was being teased and teased, both by his teammates and the plot. He was humiliated over and over again, such as when he was forced to use the full power of his explosive Quirk. to defeat Uraraka during the Sports Festival.

Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya’s relationship has been rocky for both heroes.

The strongest “reality check” in My Hero Academia was when he was captured by the League of Villains, Bakugo was unable to escape on his own and could have remained a prisoner if the team of Yaoyaorozu, Iida, Todoroki and Midoriya hadn’t intervened. Our hero’s feeling that the boy he always made fun of was able to save him made him realize that his classmates weren’t as weak as he thought and that he had to keep growing up. His classmates had abilities that could shine even brighter than his Stun Grenade, given the right opportunities.

In his first growth spurt in the joint training match, Bakugo displayed excellent leadership skills, both empowering his teammates with his bravery and suggesting tactical ways they could use their Quirks to overwhelm the enemy. It was a giant step for him, but the biggest indicator of his character development was his apology. in My Hero Academia for how horrible he had treated him during his youth.

Katsuki Bakugo My Hero Academia

Bakugo’s apology towards Midoriya is honest and sincere, it represents the natural growth he has.

My Hero Academia shows Bakugo’s growth as a character

Bakugo’s battle with Shigaraki Tomura in My Hero Academia has to be doubly satisfying for him. He gives her the opportunity to finally confront Shigaraki for the slight he committed during the Paranormal Liberation War and fight alongside Midoriya to finally heal the wounds of the past.

At the time, Shigaraki met Bakugo, immediately ignored him, stating that he no longer had any use for it. The casual dismissal annoyed Bakugo to no end, especially since this was exactly how he used to treat others who he felt were weaker than him. It was like facing himself, the darker side of him.

bakugo my hero academia

Katsuki Bakugo prepares to fight alongside Midoriya against Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo’s fight against Shigaraki could end up being a very rewarding moment for the young hero., but it’s still far from being the main event of the final arc. Being himself, he’s going to put everything into battle anyway, but even he understands that fact. His job at this stage is supportive, preventing Shigaraki from escaping his sky prison with the rest of the UA team long enough for Deku to get there. It’s exactly the kind of role he would have ridiculed someone else for previously in My Hero Academia, but Bakugo’s newfound maturity helps him understand that this role is just as important as any other.

My Hero Academia has featured some pretty incredible character development stories, and one of the best is that of Bakugo Katsuki. From introducing him as an aggressive high school bully to a powerhouse worthy of taking on the world’s greatest villain, Bakugo has seen tremendous growth in terms of physical strength, mental toughness, and moral development. This is how his fight against Shigaraki Tomura ties in nicely with his character arc. and that we will soon see in the next chapters how it unfolds.

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