My Hero Academia: This is what the first sketches of Mt. Lady, the 23rd professional heroine from Musutafu, were like | Spaghetti Code

Of all the characters of My Hero Academia, created by Kohei Horikoshi, Yu Takeyama stands out for its amazing strength, its profound beauty, and also for its enormous size: the latter comparable to the tallest skyscrapers. Curiously, this heroine went through several stages of development before being introduced to the series, and for you to see with your own eyes below we will show you the initial sketches of Mt. Lady.

Mt. Lady with blue hair ?!

Before bringing Mt. Lady to life as such, Kohei Horikoshi created Uravity, albeit with Yu Takeyama’s name and abilities. Upon realizing that proto-Uraraka had greater potential within the work, the mangaka divided the character, keeping the same image in the new Ochako, although assigning her new identity and different powers, while with Mt. Lady kept the name and skills, although he assigned a new design: the same that we can see below.

Meet the proto Mt. Lady | Image: Shueisha

These early sketches of Mt. Lady, Musutafu’s No. 23 professional heroine in the Draws of My Hero Academia, They were made by Kohei Horikoshi around 2009, shortly before starting to serialize the manga in the magazine Shonen Jump, but they were not shown to the public until 2016 with the publication of the book My Hero Academia Official Character Book Ultra Archive, the first collection of profiles of heroes and villains, as well as other curious information, that was made about the series.

We can note that the sketches of Mt. Lady were based on those that gave life to Ochalo Uraraka. Initially this heroine was to be presented with hair of another color, and shorter compared to the canonical design. Also, we realize that the character did not wear that characteristic horned headband, and that his wardrobe was quite different. What a change Yu Takeyama underwent in images of My Hero Academia!

The original colors of Mt. Lady | Image: Shueisha

And you, what do you think of the initial designs that Mt. Lady had in the beginning?


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