My Hero Academia: this may be the reason Dabi can’t die

Fans have created a hypothesis that explains why Dabi can’t die.

A recent theory seems to explain the reason why Dabi cannot die.

The story of My Hero Academia features a huge variety of characters with powers or quirks, as they are called in the series itself. This anime has gained incredible popularity around the world, making it one of the most watched anime in history.

Each character has a quirk quite unique and quirky, and while there are some that appear to be very simple at first glance, there are some that are much more complex than they appear. A clear example of this is the quirk of Katsuki Bakugou, who has the ability to produce explosions, but can only generate them with his hands and using a special fuel produced by his sweat.

With respect to quirk of Dabi, a theory has recently emerged that seems to explain the reason why Dabi cannot die, and it is related to his powers. Below we will tell you all the details about it.

Why Dabi can’t die

As is known, Dabi’s powers are quite similar to his father’s, Endeavor., being able to shoot blue flames from his body. Also known as Toya Todoroki, he is the son of Endeavor, and Shoto’s secret brother. Dabi is quite a mysterious character, since it was believed that he had died, but he made a comeback in the League of Villains, becoming a recruit of it.

Dabi using his quirk

Another factor that makes Dabi similar to his father is the fact that his powers affect his body in very negative ways. When Dabi shows up in the League of Villains, she’s something of a patchwork of healthy skin stitched together and disfiguring burns.

As the series progresses, that “mosaic” slowly deteriorates as Dabi uses his quirk, becoming more and more burns than healthy skin. During the current arc, titled “war bow”Dabi has been reduced to a smoking shell that turns out to be more muscle and bone than human.

Dabi with his deteriorated skin full of burns

Dabi with his deteriorated skin full of burns

To the surprise of many, Dabi is still fighting and aspiring to fightdespite everyone assuming that he would not live long enough to join the League of Villains.

The theory in question that was mentioned above speculates that the quirk Dabi’s is a phoenix-like ability. Fans assume that Dabi’s body may deteriorate each time you use your ability and re-heal or “respawn”just as the phoenix does when it rises from the ashes.

This theory even states that Dabi he could burn whatever is left of him and literally be born again or rejuvenatedand it may happen at some point that Dabi is “reborn” younger or even as a child.

Dabi using his power, the "Prominence Burn"

Dabi using his power, the “Prominence Burn”

The main justification that fans use to support this theory is that in some panels you could see light emitting from the heart of Dabi while he was unconscious.

Although there is still no confirmation or solid evidence to support this hypothesis, without a doubt this way of seeing Dabi’s power is quite poetic.

Affirm that this character could destroy himself by burning himself to nothing more than ashes, and then emerge again from the ashes, It may sound a bit cheesy, but it goes without saying that it would be something fascinating.