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Of all the characters of My Hero Academia created even by Kohei Horikoshi, there is no one that has impacted us as much as Yu Takeyama, a heroine who stands out not only for her radiant beauty: she also stands out for her enormous height. And it is that this powerful warrior, when she uses her Quirk, can become as tall as a skyscraper. For that reason we loved this cosplay, because it has managed to offer us an imposing and beautiful interpretation of the powerful Mt. Lady.

A beauty to match!

A beautiful interpretation | Image: Marida Cosplay (DeviantArt)

Seeing the work of Marida Cosplay, we can only praise the artist’s interpretation, because in addition to having perfectly characterized as one of the most powerful heroines of Musutafu, the cosplayer bears a strong physical resemblance to Yu Takeyama.

In this way we can notice that the cosplayer She is found wearing a spandex outfit that resembles the heroine outfit from Mt. Lady., plus a headband with a pair of protruding horns.

A gigantic beauty | Image: Marida Cosplay (DeviantArt)

In the following image of the Marida Cosplay set we can see the powerful Yu Takeyama again, although this time offering a certainly different profile: posing coquettishly in front of the camera, which does not waste a second to portray her beautiful figure.

A cosplay at the height of the character | Image: Marida Cosplay (DeviantArt)

During their fights, Mt. Lady She is not afraid to perform the most daring stunts in order to capture the gaze of the people around her: whether they are heroes or villains, a trait that this Peruvian artist has been able to interpret very well, since it seems that wherever she goes, the camera does not it does nothing but capture its beauty. Not for nothing Yu Takeyama is one of our favorite characters in the entire series.

And you, what do you think of this Mt. Lady cosplay?


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