My Hero Academia: This shocking cosplay of Himiko Toga shows us the villain in all her splendor | Spaghetti Code

Of all the characters of My Hero Academia who have gone over to the side of the villains, there is no one who has made us dream of their beauty as the impulsive Himiko Toga has done. This waifu is remembered for her unpredictable and explosive personality, as well as her twisted sense of humor and deep, magnetic gaze. For that reason we loved this cosplay as it brought us back to the antagonist with a true quality performance.

Our favorite vamp

She will drink your blood! | Image: Paiclya (DeviantArt)

Seeing the work of the German Paiclya, we cannot but acknowledge his faithful interpretation of Himiko Toga, in addition to the enormous resemblance he has with the character of Kohei Horikoshi.

In this way, we can appreciate that the cosplayer has been characterized with the villain uniform of Himiko Toga: with thecharacteristic blonde hair, the sailor fuku, brown shoes and accessories with which this character usually steals blood of his adversaries in order to activate his Don.

A beautiful, but deadly villain | Image: Paiclya (DeviantArt)

In the following image from the set of Paiclya we can see Himiko Toga again, but now with a certainly different profile: observing the viewer with his penetrating gaze, drunk with violence or perhaps smiling because he has managed to finish his goal. We can only conclude one thing: what a way to give life to the Draws of My Hero Academia!

The definitive antagonist of Boku no Hero | Image: Bones

Himiko Toga is one of our favorite characters for many reasons, although the most important are the following: on the one hand, it has one of the best designs of Kohei Horikoshi, and on the other hand, it has an extremely attractive personality, which is a lot say considering she’s a villain, and villains generally don’t meet with our approval.

And you, what do you think of this Himiko Toga cosplay?


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