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Between the characters of My Hero Academia There is no one that has captivated us with its beauty like the powerful Kemy Utsushimi has done. This UA Academy student is a talented and dangerous warrior who can generate visual and auditory illusions with her Gift, and for that reason We loved this cosplay, as it gave us a faithful interpretation of the justice, wearing her characteristic superhero costume for the occasion.

Punish me: I have behaved badly!

An excellent interpretation of this justice | Image: Matteiie (DeviantArt)

Looking at the work of the spectacular Matteiie, we cannot help but consider her portrayal of Kemy as one of the best we have seen, because in addition to looking enormously like this heroine, the artist has characterized herself with total fidelity with respect to the character of Kohei Horikoshi.

In this way we can see that the cosplayer is wearing Kemy’s heroine outfit, which is made up of the characteristic police cap, a fitted black vinyl suit, and a pair of white boots that reach almost to his knees.

She will put all the villains of Musutafu behind bars | Image: Matteiie (DeviantArt)

In the following image from Matteiie’s set we can again admire the powerful Kemy Utsushimi, but now offering us a certainly different profile: in the middle of the forest, looking towards the horizon, as if waiting for some furtive movement. Could it be some super criminal from Musutafu?

An iconic heroine | Image: Bones

The flirtatious, sometimes a little tsundereHowever always powerful Kemy Utsushimi, she is one of the favorite characters of the fans for several reasons, although deep down they all end up agreeing on one: the deep admiration of her beauty. Not for nothing is mighty heroine of Musutafu It is considered the largest waifu of all Boku no Hero.

And you, what do you think of this Kemy cosplay?


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