My Hero Academia: This Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Is So Realistic It’s Even Scary

This cosplay will cause you terror.

My Hero Academia has brought with it a large number of very peculiar characters that have undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention, since they all have unique designs that quickly attract, as is the case with the skin of the villain Tomura Shigaraki.

Tomura Shigaraki’s design has drawn attention from the beginning, because when he adopted his transformation he visualized himself as a truly dark and terrifying being. This character has inspired various artists to cosplay him, since his appearance is so gloomy that quickly makes a big impact.

For this reason, recently, a Reddit artist has made a cosplay of Tomura Shigaraki so realistic it will terrify you. Next, we tell you the details.

This Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Will Really Scare You

This Tomura Shigaraki cosplay will cause you a little fear

This Tomura Shigaraki cosplay will cause you a little fear

My Hero Academia has a wide repertoire of characters that have managed to reach the hearts of fans, since they all have their own story and personal appeal that easily hooks anyone.

It is well known that some characters have great popularity due to the great development they have had in the series, as is the case with Tomura Shigarakiwhich in this final arc has been the cause of great successes in this work, putting all in big trouble.

Tomura Shigaraki is the current villain of this arc, he is a being completely ruthless that knows no limits, as long as it achieves its purpose. The appearance of this character goes perfectly with his malevolent personality, because he is really chilling, since he is made up of the hands of relatives he accidentally killed when his quirk awoke.

This villain has been represented in more than one occasion in various cosplaybecause its fearsome appearance is so popular that it is fascinating for many artists.

For this reason, a reddit artist named Bryan Draculahas decided to immortalize this character through a cosplay scarybecause it is so realistic that it will cause you a lot of fear.

In these images you can see how the artist has perfectly replicated this character, as he carries the distinctive hands of Shigaraki’s dead relatives all over his body. Also, he wears the typical outfit that he usually wears and the same red color of the shoes, just as he performs the poses. characteristics of this villain.

This cosplay has undoubtedly been a excellent representation of this character, since he has managed to convey all the terror and evil that this villain usually has. Also, the hands holding it all over the body give it a touch pretty scary.

In this final arc Tomura Shigaraki has been able to consecrate himself as the ultimate villain of this series, because thanks to his powerful Quirk “Decay” and being the Bearer of the All For Onehave taken him to To exceed the limits that had been seen so far in the series, causing great losses and damage to the heroes who have focused on stopping this antagonist once and for all.