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Between the characters of My Hero Academia we have met few heroes as awesome as Death Arms. This powerful being is so great that without much trouble he could have offered a tough battle to beings like All Might, and would undoubtedly represent a problem for All For One. Interestingly, this superhero was going to be shown in a more different way: with a look that made him look like a villain the most.

Looking like that, I feel safer amongst the League of Villains

The initial sketches of Death Arms, Musutafu’s professional hero in the Draws of My Hero Academia, They were performed by Kohei Horikoshi around 2009, shortly before beginning to serialize the manga in the Shonen Jump, but they were not shown to the public until 2016 with the publication of the book My Hero Academia Official Character Book Ultra Archive, the first collection of profiles of heroes and villains, as well as other curious information, that was made about the series.

He looks more like a villain than a hero | Image: Shueisha

Looking at these sketches, we can see that Horikoshi originally planned to present Death Arms with a much more threatening look than the one that ended up being fixed. In this way, we notice that the human face of the hero has disappeared and in its place is the profile of a monstrous being.

Considering that the name of this hero, Desutegoro, comes from the Japanese word sutegoro, a term of slang Yakuza to refer to hand-to-hand combat, we realize that from the beginning Horikoshi had planned to make Death Arms a character that would stand out in battles. Nevertheless, had it remained its initial design, surely each fight starring this being would have been more amazing in terms of animation. Unfortunately the mangaka ended up discarding it.

A first-rate hero | Image: Bones

The more we look at the initial sketches of Death Arms, the more prevalent the idea that Horikoshi had planned to introduce him as a villain in Boku no Hero. And it is that with that pile of metal on his shoulders, his monstrous and expressive face, and the belt that he wears warning us of danger, we can only imagine that this being would be a real threat to Musutafu.

And you, did you already know the initial design of Death Arms?


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