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Enji Todoroki is the professional hero with the highest record of cases solved in Musutafu, as well as one of the most powerful. characters of My Hero Academia. He owns the Gift of Fire, which he inherited from his son Shoto, and likewise owns one of the most explosive personalities seen in the entire series. Interestingly, Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of the series, thought of assigning him a very different personality when he created the initial sketches that this hero had.

One more professor from the UA Academy?

The initial sketches of Endeavor, not the professional hero. 1 in Draws of My Hero Academia, They were made by Kohei Horikoshi around 2009, shortly before he began serializing the manga in the Shonen Jump, but they were not shown to the public until 2016 with the publication of the book My Hero Academia Official Character Book Ultra Archive, the first collection of profiles of heroes and villains, as well as other curious information, that was made about the series.

Apparently it did not change that much | Image: Shueisha

It is quite striking that the design that this character had in its beginnings is practically the same with which we know it today, except in the part of the belt, which in these drawings are also covered with fire, and in the arms, showing a more slender image of them, which is due to the fact that the hero of Musutafu is not wearing the heavy bracelets that characterize.

However, when we talk about his personality, the father of Shoto Todoroki who was raised in the beginning differs a lot from the one we know today, since Kohei Horikoshi I had the idea of ​​making him an instructor in the Academia U.A. And it is that when being in contact with these indolent young people, the author would have made Enji a much more tolerant character (in contrast to the explosive character that we know him).

This idea was rejected by the mangaka due to the fact that being this character so strong, and being in contact with the young students of Class 1-A, the conflicts with the villains could have been resolved more easily. AND like all the protagonists of shonen They must go through the greatest difficulties, Horikoshi decided to drive the explosive Endeavor away from the Academy.

A burning that just can’t change | Image: Bones

Tall, muscular, very powerful and extremely fiery (literally speaking): he is Enji Todoroki, and we believe that a personality as ironclad as his could hardly change, despite the tweaks that the mangaka may or may not have done. Not for nothing is the hero no. 1 from Musutafu: a post justly inherited by All Might.

And you, what do you think of the initial designs that Endeavor had?


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