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Tomura Shigaraki is one of the characters of My Hero Academia more powerful. As a protégé of All For One, he has become the new leader of the League of Villains, and as such, the criminal had to present an extremely threatening appearance. However, Kohei Horikoshi was about to offer us a more fearsome Tomura Shigaraki still, and for you to check We present you the first designs of this terrible being.

Because Tomura Shigaraki will always be more disturbing

The initial sketches of Tomura Shigaraki, the criminal leader of the League of Villains in the Draws of My Hero Academia, They were made by Kohei Horikoshi around 2009, shortly before he began serializing the manga in the Shonen Jump, but they were not shown to the public until 2016 with the publication of the book My Hero Academia Official Character Book Ultra Archive, the first collection of profiles of heroes and villains, as well as other curious information, that was made about the series.

A more elaborate design, with the characteristic hands and a cape | Image: Shueisha

Regarding the design of this villain, we can see that initially Kohei Horikoshi He had not contemplated in his suit or the jacket or several of the other accessories that his clothing currently has, making it certainly more minimalist. In this sense, the spectator’s attention falls mainly on the hands that make up said outfit, which the mangaka recovered, but not in as threatening a way as in these initial sketches.

This can be explained for a simple reason in the words of the same author:

“When I first drew Shigaraki, my editor at the time said, ‘Don’t draw those hands.’ I’ve thought about this a lot since then, [porque] he is terribly annoying to draw. He is my nemesis. “

Which makes all the sense in the world, since the complexity of this design is evident considering that the mangaka would have to repeat it panel after panel. Although the truth is that to many fans of Boku no Hero we would have loved to see Tomura Shigaraki with this spooky design.

A villain like no other | Image: Wallpaper Abyss

Let’s be honest: Tomura Shigaraki’s initial design is a hundred times better than what he currently owns. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that Kohei Horikoshi has discarded a spectacular design in favor of another not so good, as it happened with Blanket and with Uravity. Will the mangaka one day recover the old clothes of this villain?

And you, what do you think of these initial sketches by Tomura Shigaraki?


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