My Hero academia: This was the high price of All Might’s plan

It seems that the few ties between heroes and villains will be broken

Chapter 345 from My Hero Academia showed us that All Might’s plan has worked and gave a much-needed early advantage to the group of heroes who seemed cornered by Shigaraki and All for One. Thanks to the help of Monoma Neitothey achieved their main goal of separating All For One and Shigaraki Tomura, but this may have come at a heavy cost to Midoriya.

In the last frame of the manga, we see how Toga Himiko could have complicated All Might’s plans after capturing the young Izuku Midoriya to meet him and Uraraka Ochako again. This has transversely modified the way in which this hero had planned the individual confrontations against the League of Villains in My Hero Academia..

The original plan was to provoke All For One and his army of villains into a trap, they set up cages that the heroes were able to activate. This only managed to keep the villains captured for a few seconds, but it was more than enough time for them to be transported through the Warp Gates that Monoma had ready and waiting. The villains were divided into three main groups, each containing at least one high-ranking League member.

All For One, along with most of the villains, was teleported to Gunga Mountain. Using one of his unnamed Quirks, he was able to instantly reorient himself and quickly deduced part of the heroes’ plan. The villain praised his decision to split his force, but bragged that it was unlikely the heroes would be able to beat them separately anyway. The great villain of My Hero Academia has faced most of the hero force, including numbers 1 and 2, Endeavor and Hawks, as well as All Might himself. For their part, Kamui Woods, Pixie-Bob and Fumikage Tokoyami are among the many others who have joined this fight. All For One seems ready to fight, but he may decide to go after Shigaraki before something happens to him and Himiko Toga’s decision might have bought him just enough extra time.

The Todoroki brothers, Toya and Shoto, clashed with each other over the compatibility of their quirksbut also because they have a private account to settle inherited from the abuse of Endeavor, his father. However, his battle may not be a long one: Dabi seems to be a few minutes from death’s door because of his own. quirk. Also, Iida Tenya teamed up with Shoto to take on Dabi, and the duo seem to have their work cut out to take on him, the Nomu, and the other villains who joined them.

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Shigaraki was transported to the UA, which does seem to be in order of All Might’s plan. Earlier in My Hero Academia, Principal Nezu had mentioned that the school itself could travel, the structure itself could move and delay his arrival, but it’s unlikely he’ll be able to outrun it entirely. Shigaraki was supposed to face the combined might of Bakugo Katsuki, Best Jeanist, and Midoriya Izuku, but Deku got pressed from Himiko Toga. At the last second, she pushed him through the Warp Gate with her..

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Interestingly, Deku’s sense of danger was not activated by Toga’s actions, which could indicate what the villain’s intentions were with him. Usually your quirk It warns you of everything that happens around you, it only activates when it detects bad intentions directed towards it. However, in My Hero Academia he has already shown Toga’s ability to completely erase his presence from his opponent’s senses.. Perhaps even his Danger Sense isn’t immune to this.

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Toga was transported with several Nomu and was supposed to face Uraraka Ochaco and Tsuyu Asui. He may not be as intimidating an enemy as All For One or Shigaraki, but fighting him will be no less dangerous. The problem here is that Deku’s absence from the UA Although, we will finally see Deku’s long-awaited conversation with Toga, let’s just hope it’s not too late.

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