My Hero Academia: This was the story of Todoroki and his quirk

Shoto Todoroki could close the cycle of violence started by Endeavor

In the last chapters of the manga of My Hero Academia, we have seen how the Todoroki family will have to solve the problems they have been dragging, both Shoto and Enji and Dabi, will no longer be able to escape more than the inevitable. Although, it may be worth knowing more about his past before seeing this final fight.

It all starts with Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, who made it his personal mission to surpass All Might., Japan’s #1 pro hero. His mantra of constant improvement propelled him up to #2 on the hero rosters, but the drawback of his Quirk meant he couldn’t climb any further.

Endeavor’s Quirk, Hellflame, allows him to produce high intensity flames from his body and control them at will, he possesses great control over his Quirk and can produce flames anywhere on his body such as with his Hell Spider Super Move which fires concentrated streams. of flames from the tips of his fingers that can cut through concrete as easily as any laser, he can even fly with it. However, his ability has a great limitation: Endeavor itself..

Like many other characters in My Hero Academia, his Quirk was too powerful for his body to maintain. When he reached his maximum temperatures, Endeavor’s body would begin to overheat and several of her vital organs would begin to shut down. As great as his power was, this hero realized that this particular condition would forever prevent him from being at All Might’s level. He gave himself a new mission: to train the hero who would one day surpass All Might..

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How did Toya Todoroki become Dabi in My Hero Academia?

Endeavor sought to raise a child who inherited his powerful Quirk but without his body’s main weakness. To facilitate this, she entered into an arranged marriage with the goal of producing children with a specific type of Quirk. His future wife Rei and her family had ice Quirks and seemed excited about the arrangement. Endeavor’s firstborn son, Toya, inherited an even stronger version of the Hellflame Quirk.. Even at a young age, Endeavor recognized the potential of this new Quirk and instantly began training Toya to become a professional hero who would surpass All Might. Unfortunately, they hadn’t progressed much with Toya’s training before discovering secondary effects of his Quirk much more drastic than Endeavor’s, as he had also inherited his mother’s resistance to cold and not heat, consuming his own body with the flames. .

dabi my hero academia todoroki

Character Toya Todoroki, known as Dabi.

Horrified at what the process had turned out to be, Endeavor immediately stopped training Toya, but he had already done too good a job to excite his eldest son. Toya had internalized the idea that he was the one who bested All Might and didn’t mind destroying his body to do so. Although his father forbade her to continue training his Quirk, Toya continued to do so in secret, learning to minimize damage and hide injuries from him. His resentment for Endeavor began to grow when his father refused to acknowledge his efforts, passing it on to Shoto, who had the balance his father had sought.

On his left side, he could produce and control flames, while his right side could do the same with ice. Evidently, Toya felt displaced by his younger brother and decided to make him the target of his hatred. Unable to control his emotions, he attacked the infant Shoto, though without causing him a fatal injury. From then on, Endeavor kept Shoto separate from his other friends and prevented him from socializing with his siblings. The boy’s entire existence was for training, and having to do it with a perfectionist like Endeavor as his trainer was a truly hellish experience. There was no room for error.

The fight between Dabi and Shoto Todoroki that could solve this cycle of violence

Meanwhile at My Hero Academia, Toya continued to train his Quirk despite warnings from his parents. Although her animosity towards Endeavor had grown even more, she still couldn’t help but yearn for the man’s approval. She invited Endeavor to watch one of her training sessions at Sekoto. Unfortunately, Endeavor did not show up and started a fire that devastated the entire area, her family thinking that she had died along with the entire mountain that night. In a certain way it was, Toya had died that night; all that was left was Dabi.

After this incident, Endeavor became even stricter with Shoto Todoroki, not wanting to make the “same mistake as Toya” again. The entire family bore the strain of his obsession with surpassing All Might and the mental health of his already fragile wife had begun to deteriorate severely. She began to blend Endeavor’s appearance with that of her children, and in a particularly vulnerable moment caused the accident that gave Shoto the burn scar over his left eye..

My Hero Academia Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia

Even at that young age, Shoto was perceptive enough to realize that his mother’s erratic behavior was caused by his father’s actions. For this reason, he decided that he would never again use his Flame Quirk to become a hero. This decision took a small turn during the My Hero Academia Sports Festival, Midoriya Izuku helped Shoto understand that his desire to be a hero was more important than rejecting his father; attempting to climb to the top with half his strength disgraced his classmates. This epiphany led to Shoto is finally using his Flame Quirk again after years of neglect, and attempting to rebuild ties with the rest of his family..

Dabi, on the other hand, gave in to his worst instincts by leaving the Todoroki family. She planned to hit Endeavor where it would hurt the most, she wanted to expose his family’s abuse to the world and kill Shoto in front of his father. Dabi achieved the first objective of his during My Hero Academia’s Paranormal Liberation War and would have crossed the second off his list if he hadn’t been interrupted. Entering the second war, Dabi aims to kill Shoto once and for all. The younger brother, for his part, has mastered both aspects of his Quirk and is currently unable to be burned even by Dabi’s flames, while Dabi currently has nothing to lose and can unleash untold levels of power never seen before. . There is also the possibility that All For One has given the arsonist a Quirk that counteracts the effects of his Cremation on his body.

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